Oct 042011

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, Guardsman Qao Lin handed me a troubling document. It was a decree written by Minister Reiko, calling for the death of all tengu! I saw this as a mission by the Ministry to “purge” any perceived threats to Cantha, but also as an insult to Emperor Kisu and his deceased brother, Togo. It was due to Togo’s hard work during the Tengu Wars that we are even at peace with the Angchu tribes. I think that the Ministry just wants to abolish our old ways just to substitute them with their own vision for Cantha.

So I took the document and traveled to Aerie in Kinya Province, where I found the Ministry speaking with the Angchu tribe. The Ministry does not have the authority to attack the tengu opening, so they wanted to trick the tengu into a more vulnerable position until they gain such authority. They started the talks by saying that the tengu would just be relocated to the Roost in Xaquang Skyway while they fight off the vicious Sensali tribes. I interrupted their talks by showing Soar Honorclaw (Aerie’s leader) the actual decree, revealing the Mnistry’s true motives.

My actions caused the Ministry to attack us, and I showed my support for the Angchu by fighting alongside them. Afterwards, Soar expressed worry for the Angchu living in the Roost on the mainland. She couldn’t leave Aerie completely unguarded, so herself and a few guards would accompany me to the Roost to investigate further.

Sure enough, when we entered Xaquang Skyway it was crawling with Ministry guards. When we reached the Roost, the tengu were detained within their own camp. Soar and I tried to reason with the Ministry aggressors, but they saw us as a threat to Cantha and attacked. It became pretty obvious their initial intentions were to kill the tengu living here, because after the first group of guards we had to fight off several waves of more Ministry guards. There is no other reason why so many of them would be able to join in the fight at such a short notice. At the end of our battle, I led Soar and the Roost residents to the Shenzun Tunnels, where she has a friend there who will bring them back to Shing Jea.

I returned back to Aerie to hear if they are still having problems with the Ministry or not. Soar told me that a tengu named Ryun Grayfeather from the Roost has taken the situation into his own hands. The Ministry is on a mission to kill all of the Sensali tengu in Jaya Bluffs, and his interference could bring the Ministry’s gaze back onto the Angchu. I was asked to bring Ryun back before he does something he’ll regret.

When I caught up to him in Jaya Bluffs, he was talking to one group of Sensali. He wanted to join them, but they rejected his help and attacked because of the Angchu alliance with the humans. Of course I stepped in to help Ryun, with the intention of dragging him back to Aerie afterwards.

While I was talking to Ryun, a group of Ministry guards spotted us and we were accused of helping the Sensali, and therefor an enemy of Cantha. I had to kill them, and then chase after a Ministry officer to keep our involvement a secret. He led us into a blood bath between the Ministry and Sensali tribe. Ryun and I had to fight both groups and leave the area quickly before others found us.

I sent Ryun back to Aerie while I provision myself again. When I returned to Aerie afterwards and reported back to Soar to see if she needed more help. She told me that Ryun had been there and went back out to Jaya Bluffs! I stormed off in a hurry, and when I confronted the troublesome old tengu, he said he came here to eavesdrop on the Sensali. He found out that they planned to attack Tsumei Village. With no time to alert anyone else, we rushed to the village to stop the attack.

Sure enough, shortly after we arrived the Sensali started pouring in. At first just the villagers and Imperial Guards fought along side us, but soon our Angchu friends joined in the fight. I had no doubts the battle would turn in our favor, but it was nice to have additional help to make it go by quicker.

Of course the Ministry guards showed up after we’d won. The other Angchu wanted to flee, but Ryun was determined to stand up to them. Even the Imperial Guard Yong Hei boasted of the Angchu’s bravery, but the Ministry guards would have none of it. Then Ryun walked up to the Ministry captain Bei Chi and extended his open hand as a gesture of peace. Bewildered by this, Bei Chi cut him down! He even had the nerve to call out that Ryun attacked him, and that we were all under arrest!

After the ensuing battle against the Ministry, the villagers and Imperial Guards were puzzled. They’d just witnessed the cruelty of Reiko’s vision, and wanted to tell everyone about what happened here. I hate to see it come to this, but I’m glad that some good will come out of this tragic event.

Before leaving the island, I reported back to Soar in Aerie. There was nothing more I could do, but I still pledged to help the Angchu whenever the Ministry comes back.