Sep 162009

After exploring Old Ascalon, I planned a trip to Regent Valley from Fort Ranik. This area is completely devoid of formidable opponents (known as “bosses”). Perhaps the monsters in this area are just too weak to rise up and become a threat.
Just as I entered the area, I spotted some Charr rushing towards us with Sergeant Brannen in pursuit. I readied my bow and aimed at the Charr Ash Walker first. Fighting along side with the sergeant, these savages were no match for us! After the battle I wished him well and moved on.

It wasn’t long until I saw the King’s Watch Monument. This is the very spot where Ascalon’s first king, King Doric was crowned.

And right next to this monument is a statue dedicated to the goddess Melandru.

Here is a nice view from the spot where Corwin Luceinne the collector stands. When I asked him if he had seen any grawl patrolling, he refused to answer unless I gave him a grawl necklace. Thanks a lot Corwin.

The crystal shards found earlier in Old Ascalon appear here much more frequently. I found one such crystal that destroyed a bridge.

Making my way back after slaying most of the monsters in this area, I noticed more and more Moa birds along the way.

As I went in deeper I noticed a whole family of Moa birds tucked away into a corner of Regent Valley. They were looking after their young and defending their turf from devourers and bandits.

I soon spotted a real Moa bird nest! As I knelt down to inspect the eggs, one caught my eye. It was then that I remembered hearing about this spot before. Yes, people come here all the time to try and collect one! I decided not to take the egg, as my sister-in-arms Airila already had one. I walked away with my heroes and finished up the exploration of Regent Valley.

Prized spoils: Elite Ranger Tome (from a locked chest)
Outposts: Fort Ranik
Old Ascalon, Pockmark Flats