Feb 142010

Today’s exploration will be a lot of fun because I get to meet Nicholas the Traveler, and my friends Erolin, Nox and Smars are accompanying me!

Upon entering Reed Bog, we had to fight many trolls, scarabs and spiders. Further onward, a large amount of glowing druid houses were spotted. My friends and I wondered if this was a city for Druids at some point.

I was able to get a close look at one of the houses, but upon seeing webbing on the doorway, my hopes of finding any druid activity were shot down.
After Ettin’s Back I had such high hopes for finding human activity! Oh well *sigh*

reed bog_house1

Just as in Silverwood, this strange structure can be found here as well. I tried asking Elene the Viligant, but all she cares about are spider legs. It appears to be some kind of tent, but even that is a stretch of the imagination.

Same sort of structure as seen before, but covered in thick webbing. Webbing this big must have been caused by a maguuma spider.

I find it much more enjoyable to go through the Maguuma Jungle’s more lush areas, as opposed to arid ones such as Ettin’s Back. However the only areas that my friends enjoy, are the ones that we get through quickly! Ha ha ha
reed bog_view1

We stumbled upon an empty campsite, I suspect it belongs to the Shining Blade due to their emblem on the flag. Perhaps they just left to find some items for Nicholas.
reed bog_camp1

The campsite must not have been abandoned for long, because there is a pig being roasted for dinner and the flames of the campsite are still burning brightly.
reed bog_camp2

A caravan of the Shining Blade, with some interesting stones in the background, something very similar to what I’ve seen in The Wilds.
reed bog_camp3

Another small Shining Blade outpost, however this one is out of my reach. Perhaps it’s some sort of secluded lookout post.

After much anticipation we visited Nicholas the Traveler and Professor Yakkington, his companion.
I traded him five maguuma spider webs for five “gifts of the traveler”. Apparently he needs the webbing to hold down more knick-knacks on the Professor! (Here’s what I found inside the gifts: 5 fire works, 5 cotton tail tonics, 10 jars of honey, 5 myst tonics, 10 bottle rockets)While we were all excited to meet Nick, it was also time to move onward and explore The Falls! In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful areas on the Tyrian continent.
Just before departing, Smars, Nox, Erolin and myself posed for my camera.

Prized spoils: Two golden item
Outposts: None
Exits: Ettin’s Back, The Falls
Friends: Smars, Erolin, Nox