Jul 152011

Word traveled that there was trouble at the raven shrine in the depths of Tyria. I spoke with Olrun Olafdottir who confirmed the rumors. She told us that Captain Sargen and his dwarven unit who entered the shrine soon encountered destroyers. Xapp, their hired asuran engineer, had fled to seek aid. That was more than enough information to catch my attention, so Malory and I picked up Xapp, who was cowering by the entrance, and entered Raven’s Point.

I have not seen large bones like these since Elona. I wonder if these are related to the others I’ve found in Tyria as well. I thought about staying a bit longer to inspect them, but the lives of dwarves are at stake so I took a few photos and moved on.

Like Sepulchre of Dragrimmar, progressing through this dungeon requires you to do a puzzle. In this case, you must light all the braziers to open several doors.

We encountered a few ancient vaettirs at these locked doors. With careful party formation, their icy spells did less harm to our weaker members.

In the room that ancient vaettir was guarding is the norn’s scared shrine to the raven spirit. Xapp mentioned something about the destroyers being drawn to its power. With no time to spare, we grabbed the dungeon key and headed for the exit.

Entering the second level, we saw a mix of crystalline features and the usual icy cavern look.

Continuing on, we reached a group of dredge and even more vaettirs. On the norther wall, there is a large mural of a warrior. The wall is in bad shape, but the artwork is still an enjoyable sight.

I shined my light near the mural to get a better look and found something even better. The walls here are engraved with a symbol or crest of Ascalon. Malory remembered seeing it on Prince Rurik’s cape, which was a common sight because he always ran ahead into battle. I’m not sure what their meaning is. Perhaps this cavern’s designer just happened to like the look of Ascalon’s crest and carved it all over the depths of Tyria.

Lighting more braziers triggered this bridge to come down and give us a path.

Crossing the bridge and getting closer to the dwarves meant we also encountered more and more destroyers. I’m not intimidated by Tyria’s newest threat, but I do always feel a bit uneasy fighting a foe that doesn’t even have a normal face. They don’t talk either, just mindlessly attack anything that isn’t a destroyer.

The once cleared bridge we crossed was now packed with destroyers. Every step we retraced to get to this levels exit was also filled with new foes.

Just as we entered the third level, we saw dwarves fighting destroyers, so we rushed in to help them.

Before meeting with Captain Sargen, I checked on the asura gate we previously wrecked. It’s still broken, so I have no idea where these destroyers are coming from or how to stop them.

Malory and I fought alongside the dwarves and Captain Sargen until the destroyer’s leader appeared. This Plague of Destruction was the driving force between this small army, and with its defeat, the waves of destroyers stopped coming.

With the dwarves saved and another destroyer threat squashed, Malory and I celebrated our success and the sweet loot we recovered from the chest that appeared nearby.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items, Destructive Shield
Outposts: None
Exits: Varajar Fells
Friends: Malory K.