Jul 012010

When I first told my friends that I was going to Raisu Pavilion, they offered to come because they wanted to voice some concerns. In the pavilion you can speak with the Emperor’s Hand and a few ministry officials. I knew their intentions were good, but that they would probably be hurling insults by the end of the conversation. So I planned my trip without notifying anyone.

The Emperor’s Hand did not bestow any wisdom to me, but he did talk at length about how wonderful Emperor Kisu is.

The layered platform has a few sections filled with water that flows down into a large pool in the base of the room. If you look closely, you will notice that koi are in the water too.

Minister Tao greeted me with a heavy sigh and yawn. She is in charge of the Ministry of Wind, and can supposedly control weather related to that element. This is particularly important to ships that rely on good weather to import and export goods.

Lastly I spoke with Minister Jaisan, who leads the Ministry of Earth. Everyone knows this branch for their horrible misuse of power to create too much paperwork. Before speaking with him you must go through a lot of red tape. Even when I confronted him here, he refused to speak with me. Along side him is Attendant Hara who did not wish to speak with me at all. I’m not opposed to conversing with nobles, just not the snobbiest ones. With that in mind, I left the pavilion to prepare for my exploration of Raisu Palace.