Jul 012010

It was quite a devastating blow to watch Shiro kill Master Togo. Even after we revenged Togo and sent Shiro back to the Underworld, I felt uneasy. So I asked my friends Solorian, Catfish, and Vengance to help me clear out Raisu Palace. Kunnavang greeted us when we arrived and offered us the same celestial skills that we used at Imperial Sanctum to defeat Shiro. We accepted the offer and continued on our way to clear all of the Shiro’ken out of the Emperor’s grounds.

It is good to see that most of the palace was not destroyed beyond repair in the battle. Although a part of me is glad that I had to defend this area, because I doubt that they would allow me in here otherwise. No one that is an ordinary citizen gets in unless they are here to clean up after the upper class. I’m not trying to sound negative; that is just the way it is.

The placement of these pots was not accidental. I am sure that the Emperor has several “ministers of design” employed here.

It wasn’t long before we came across some slum buildings, which no doubt house servants of the palace.

Something as simple and beautiful as a tree gets grand treatment here.

Walking down this corridor, we talked about the future of Cantha. Currently it is unknown how many people have been affected by the plague, but this unfortunate event may make the city less crowded and unsanitary due to the smaller population. For a moment we discussed a peace between the Luxons and Kurzicks but we broke out into laughter moments later. I think it would take divine intervention to get them to work together.

At the pier we found a boat belonging to the Crimson Skull. What are they doing here, trying to loot the palace? I didn’t see any pirates here, so they either fled or were eaten by the Shiro’ken (good riddance!).

Speaking of Shiro’ken, I spotted Untouched Ancient Ky all alone by this blue orb. When we got closer a group of Shiro’ken emerged from the orb and attacked us.

The palace is kind of built like a maze. We kept backtracking trying to find more Shiro’ken. I’m pretty sure we passed these incense burners a few times.

Clearing all of the Shiro’ken out of the palace has been a lot more pleasant than I could have imagined. There are so many wonderful sights and sounds all around me.

The Emperor’s zen garden is certainly one of a kind. I have not seen anything like this before.

Temple Guardian statues sit at the bottom of a stair case.

I had to back up quite a bit from the statues to see the rug in its entirety. I think Minister Cho had one just like this.

After several hours, we made our way to the last room in the palace. Most of the destruction was caused here, as seen by the monument of the Emperor that was once standing. Now it is laying in a pool with other wrecked structures. We turned our attention to the few Shiro’ken that remained, including their ritualist leader Defiant Ancient Seer. With the palace at least cleared of Shiro’s minions we returned to Imperial Sanctum and let Emperor Kisu know of our success.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items, one elite mesmer tome
Outposts: Imperial Sanctum, Raisu Palace (outpost)
Exits: None
Friends: Solorian D., Catfish J., Vengance H.