Mar 252011

Before Rajas and I headed out into the Poisoned Outcrops, we spoke with Vissh Rakissh; one of the last of his kind in the Lair of the Forgotten outpost. Earlier that day I took his request to help retrieve the Staff of the Mists: a powerful and ancient relic of the past and “twin” to the Scepter of Orr. What the Undead Lich did with the Scepter of Orr is still fresh in my mind, so I couldn’t stand by and let the margonites run loose with its twin.

With a name like “Poisoned Outcrops” it is no surprise that this area is twisted. Right as we left the outpost, large black tendrils are everywhere.

Whenever we’re not fighting awakened undead, margonites, or djinn the only thing Rajas and I heard as we traveled were the cries of a hyena. The animal’s voice only intensifies the creepiness of this area.

A pale blue light pulsates in this crevice. Watching the light slowly fade and then intensify is relaxing. Well, relaxing as it can be in a place like this. Traveling in the Desolation is exciting, but I can never drop my guard. It always feels like something is watching us.

Soon enough we made our way to Battlelord Turgar’s small army of margonites. Even if I couldn’t see the margonites, the huge statue to Abaddon above them clues me in.

Entering the area where Battlelord Turai dropped the staff seemed to put a curse on us, and we slowly felt it draining our life essence. When I picked it up, the staff accepted me as it’s new owner and actually started to gradually heal me. No longer fearing it, I examined the staff itself and noticed that it had the appearance of twisted flesh. It still looks just like the Scepter of Orr, but a bit more demonic I think.

The ghost Buuran appeared before us when we had freed the staff. He pleaded with us to destroy it before it corrupted us and we put it to bad use. Apparently it can bend the fabric of reality, a gift from the gods to us morals that was meant to protect us. Inevitably the gods found that it was used for destruction, and buried the staves along with their owners. I felt sad about losing such a powerful artifact, but I agreed to destroy it. Because we still had to fight a lot of enemies ahead of us, I let Rajas carry it as we made our way to the Hallowed Point.

Nearby Abaddon’s statue, I found another pile of mangled giant bones.

Heading to the north where the Hallowed Point should be, I looked at the path behind us. The mist in the Poisoned Outcrops isn’t too thick, but it does still obscure much of the area.

I did a double take when I saw that this giant’s skull was smoking! I checked around at the base of it but couldn’t feel much heat rising from the ground. Rajas said it would be funny if a small flame djinn was resting inside the skull.


Finally we made our way to the spot Buuran said was the Hallowed Point. He mentioned that we would find a purple flower and some birds circling the point. He sure didn’t mention all of the monoliths we’d have to fight there.

I thought that I would have to pressure Rajas into throwing away the Staff of the Mists, because it might have already started to corrupt him. But he very angrily threw it over his head and into the void below us. Rajas said that he hated his Elonian “ancestors” like the Ossa family that symbolized greed. He wanted nothing more than to set things right.

We sat on the edge of the cliff and just stared out into the distance for a while. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, and this moment of peace was just what I needed. Rajas didn’t say anything, but I’m sure he felt the same way.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items, one elite paragon tome, one monk tome
Outposts: Lair of the Forgotten
Exits: The Ruptured Heart
Friends: Rajas I.