Sep 162009

Starting from Serenity Temple, I continued on into Pockmark Flats.
Here, the most distinguishing features are the mass amounts of crystals that rained down from the Searing. When traveling through here, you will never lose sight of these. Even though they came about from a catastrophe, I find them beautiful.

Here you can see more of the destruction that took place during the Searing, including a mural to the god Balthazar. I often wonder who originally built these and how people lived here. What was life like before the Charr attacked?

Right after spotting the mural I found this half submerged bridge in tar.

Oh, and here is something I don’t see too often! This impact site is still smouldering.

Several towers and a building. I wonder who lived here.

At long last… here is the huge crater I heard about. This shot doesn’t really do it any justice… it really is massive! There are even fissures emanating from the impact area (see the following shot). What an impressive sight!

Here I am along side one of the fissures. As you can tell, it is huge! I wanted to get closer but I knew my sidekicks might fall in if I did. (I’ve really got to get some better help!)

Prized spoils: Absolutely nothing.
Outposts: Serenity Temple
Regent Valley, Eastern Frontier