Apr 192010

Far away from civilization lies the Ring of Fire, a chain of islands to the south of the Maguuma Jungle. I have only been here once before on my way to put an end to the Mursaat and the Lich. Everyone is familiar with those tales so I will not go into details. I’ve come back here to fully explore the area and share the experience with my friends Forbidden V., Azrael, Terry , Claire, Luky and N. Squirrel.

Nearby Ember Light Camp you can see steam rising from hot lava meeting the cool waters

The sinister landscape is unlike anything else in Tyria. Perhaps it was shaped by ancient magics or a primeval god. I suspect that I will find more clues as I continue my journey searching the world of Tyria.

Bits of lava and ash rained down which made us feel on uneasy. It’s hard to stay focused between exploring and battling monsters when you don’t know if the volcano you’re standing next to will suddenly erupt.

During a small break to track down and locate a wandering enemy, I found our dervish Luky meditating. We were trying to find Maxine Coldstone, a hermit that wanders these parts, laying traps where she walks.

In some spots you can see small flames dancing on the ground, if you look closely.

The volcanic rocks found near this lava flow are cool enough to touch, which prompted some of my friends to take some as a souvenir.

White Mantle and Mursaat once camped this area to prevent me from progressing further onto the other islands. This Mursaat Tower with its Ether Seal uses strange magics to drain your energy and leave you prone for the Jade Armors to feast on you.

Wurms seem to be very common in all parts of Tyria, which makes me wonder if there is some kind of underground network where these wurms live. Not that I’d want to visit such a place. *laughs*

Through the cracks in this jagged rocky formation you can see a pulsating amber light as the lava flows behind it.

It’s very important to watch your step as you explore Perdition Rock. One wrong move and you’re done for!


I thanked my friends Claire, Terry, Forbidden V., N. Squirrel, Luky and Azrael for helping me explore Perdition Rock. It took me a long time to reach this moment, and hopefully I will have no problems finding eager adventurers looking to join me in my quest. Before departing I asked Terry where he got his strange clothes, but he refused to answer my question and simply said all would be come clear to me in the future.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items
Outposts: Ember Light Camp
Exits: None
Friends: Forbidden V., Azrael R., Terry L., , Claire P., Nutty S., Luky