May 112010

Kaitan Village is located just outside of Tsumei Village, where Solorian and I departed to explore Panjiang Peninsula. Aside from a few kappas, there are few dangers to living in this village. The sunflowers grown here can sometimes be double the height of a man, and you can often find farm children running through them.

If you’re nice to the farmers here, it’s a great place to pick up fresh produce. Something a lot of people in Kaineng City wish they could do. Everyone fights over resources in that overpopulated city. The food that you get at the end of the day, isn’t always “fresh”.

Even though I never studied under Kai Ying, I love visiting him often. While most people I meet are either serious or foolish, he is a kind person with a great sense of humor. Many do not like the overuse of puns, but I think its hilarious.

Solorian introduced me to Ang the Ephemeral, a ghostly teacher of the mystic arts.

Nearby Ang is a grand estate with two bridges that cover the gap where Qi Falls is.

Looking out into the distance, we spotted what looked to be a Crimson Skull boat.

Several Crimson Skull were found on the boat, including one of their champions: Pei the Skull Blade. The Qi Falls can be seen in the distance.

According to Su, there are still plenty of Naga making their home inside Raiyan Cave. Before I thanked her for the information, she asked me to leave their corpses for her “experiments”.

Why would anyone put such a large bell inside a cave? I doubt anyone would come inside to listen to it, and if they did it may deafen them.

From a gap in Raiyan Cave, I can see Kaitan Village in the distance.

Solorian and I made our way to the large Crimson Skull camp to the south. These cutthroat pirates were no match for us. Their leader Cho Wei the Skull Axe was easily dealt with when I snared him. Although I am sure that when we leave, more Crimson Skull fiends will resettle here.

Looking off the coast, nearby the Crimson Skull camp we found this magnificent dragon statue. I watched it carefully, but it never moves even though it breathes fire. Hopefully it is a statue and not a real dragon playing tricks on us all!

On the same shore where I spotted the dragon statue, crates filled with crabs can be found.

More kappa were found within this small forest.

The passage way that connects Panjiang Peninsula with Kinya Province, has a strange stone archway with lanterns in the crevices.

My friend Solorian and I ran through the cherry blossoms on our way back to Tsumei Village to rest up before exploring the next area.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items, one elementalist tome
Outposts: Tsumei Village
Exits: Kinya Province
Friends: Solorian D.