Aug 132011

Pyre’s warband relies heavily on siege devourers to protect Doomlore Shrine. Now that they’re running low on explosive gelatinous ammunition, Elwin and I were hired to delve deep into the Ooze Pit and retrieve special prismatic ooze. The charr, Seer Fiercereign didn’t seem to think two humans could pull off the mission but pointed us in the right direction because he’d still rather not do it himself.

Making our way past the enemy charr patrols in Grothmar Wardowns, Elwin and I found a small crack in the rocky mountain wall. Descending into it, we quickly found ourselves surrounded by animate ooze. These gelatinous tricksters divide into two in order to quickly outnumber their prey. They are of course just gelatinous, and can’t stand up to much punishment before dissolving.

We found a small bag sitting by a group of ooze surrounded by pillars. It was left by Seer Fiercereign, with a note attached stating that one should not put aggressive ooze in the bag. Well, that kinda goes without saying!

Occasionally the ooze will dissolve into unstable ooze, which came in handy when we encountered a cracked wall. Dropping it at the base caused an explosion which opened the way for us. The explosion made me understand why this sort of substance is used for the siege devourer ammunition.

The Ooze Pit is full of small touches which makes me wonder if there is someone who visits here often. Behind these two stone gargoyles is a lit fire. Is it some sort of everlasting magical fire, or is someone visiting often enough and lighting it?

Further in, Elwin and I found a mural to the dead god Abaddon. It’s been a while since I’ve seen his horrible face.

These underground caverns, “dungeons”, or death traps always have a hazard or puzzle to overcome. Here it’s the large boulders that can flatten anyone who crosses their path. They make a lot of noise, so you’d have to be deaf to not notice them coming.

This bridge and the engraved Ascalon symbols on the wall seem out of place. Surely the ooze that lurk here have no use for it.

Even stranger were these expertly made red stairways, which seemed to be made out of metal.

As we continued fighting more and more ooze, we spotted coffins on a wall. Elwin said they reminded him of the catacombs in Ascalon before the Searing.

These giant glowing mushrooms were a nice sight in this otherwise grey, gloomy cave.

Finally we came across the prismatic oozes required for the siege devourer ammunition. I didn’t like the feel of this area, so we took our time deciding how to handle the battle. I figured it was best to go up ahead and grab their attention, and then to call in the rest of the party to finish them off. After the three prismatic oozes were defeated, they burst into many more lesser oozes. I wasn’t prepared for this turn of events, but since all of their attention was set on me, none of our supporting monks fell in battle.

Elwin and I collected our prized spoils and headed back to Seer Fiercereign with the fresh prismatic ooze. No sooner than that was settled, he asked us to go back in for more. I turned down his offer. I’m sure there are other adventurers out there willing to help with this never ending need for siege devourer ammunition.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: None
Exits: Grothmar Wardowns
Friends: Elwin L.