May 072012

In my ongoing efforts to gain the asura’s trust, I’ve been doing favors for them. Normally I wouldn’t bother with such a trivial request from Blimm to retrieve his red staff.  He played up the importance of the situation by telling me that all of the golems in Oola’s Lab have run rampant since her absence to work on G.O.L.E.M. The proposed solution was to enter the lab and destroy the malfunctioning Total Protection Security (TPS) Regulator Golem that sent instructions to all the other golems. Oh, and of course retrieve his precious staff.

I was a bit surprised that my friend Malory wanted to come along on this errand, but he expressed interest in studying Oola’s golems. Looking back at it now, he seemed a bit too eager to accompany me.

The first thing I noticed about the entrance to the lab was its sheer size. Secondly, I saw the golems we will have to be dealing with throughout this whole exploration.

Oola certainly doesn’t mess around with security in her lab. Shortly after entering her lab space we encountered several Flame Guardian golems, which control various fire traps in the area. Unfortunately there was no way we could disable any of the golems without destroying them. Blimm refused to give me any advice because he delighted in the destruction we caused to Oola’s creations.

The last time I visited Oola’s Lab, it was to enlist her help, so I didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings in my haste to reach her. So even with Blimm’s constant nagging, I took my time enjoying the environment in this stretch of the depths. The majority of the first level is quite dark with the exception of this crystalline room. I love the natural beauty and intricacy of the crystal formations.

As we progressed closer to the malfunctioning TPS golem, a foolish assassin named Xien kept getting in our way in this rocky hallway here. He wanted to loot the lab and prevent anyone from beating him to it. I know that normally the thought of an assassin stalking you should be terrifying, but this guy was a total joke! Perhaps I should have done him a favor by listing off all of the enemies we’ve defeated thus far, because there was no way one idiot with a pair of daggers was going to kill a full group of experienced adventurers.

Eventually we reached the door leading to a deeper area of Oola’s Lab and that is when Xien went all out in an attempt to stop us. I’d like to say he was a challenging opponent, but it just wasn’t so. The whole ordeal made me feel bad for him. Seconds after he tried to surprise us, he was blinded, poisoned, hexed, crippled and his death soon followed. Malory took the key from Xien’s corpse and we carried on descending into Oola’s Lab.

Golems continued to attack us in great numbers. The encounters made us wonder just how many golems Oola has built over the years. I still have no idea how long it takes to build a “simple” golem, how long asura live, or more importantly, how old Oola is.

It would have been best if we rushed past all of the flame traps in this watery section, but the sight of these arches grabbed my attention. We only stayed for a few moments, but I feel that it is important to take one’s time when exploring. Especially when you never know if you’ll ever get another chance to do so.

Shortly after that, we entered what I assume to be Oola’s main workshop area. It was filled with golems and plenty of other unfinished creations.

One of her more impressive creations was this malfunctioning Enduring Golem. Aside from towering over us, it was impervious to all damage except by exposure to a charged up fluxx matrix. The unit to charge was not near the golem, so I distracted it while Malory made several trips to charge the fluxx matrix and then release its power.

With the malfunctioning Enduring Golem defeated, we picked up a small key from its remains and had a look around the workshop. Oola must have spent a lot of time not only on her creations, but the design of her lab. I can imagine she had fun with the plans for this skull that spews molten metal.

Heading towards the final locked door, we spotted several unfinished “forgemasters” and one that seemed to move slightly. I knew Oola had developed all sorts of golems, but nothing to this scale. Another thought that came to mind was whether this was a copy or an original design. The latter would suggest that she helped the Stone Summit in Sorrow’s Furnace. Both the asura and the dwarves inhabited the Depths of Tyria; it’s not a stretch to imagine Oola commissioning some work for them. I’m not pleased with what the Stone Summit did in Sorrow’s Furnace, but I could hardly blame Oola for her role in the situation without knowing exactly what happened.

Nearing the malfunctioning TPS golem, Blimm kept nagging us about his red staff. He wanted us to check every golem we defeated, in case it held his precious staff. I kind of assumed that such a red object would catch my immediately attention so I wasn’t checking too thoroughly.

Blimm failed to mention the additional security Oola installed along with the TPS golem. Malory and I also had to deal with two Flame Guardians along with the malfunctioning TPS golem that was commanding the other golems.

I noticed that with the destruction of the TPS golem, that there were still plenty of malfunctioning golems in the area. Blimm couldn’t be bothered for a comment, as he was busy looking over every inch of the lab for his red staff. I felt a bit embarrassed to be apart of his ridiculous mission, so Malory and I took our share of treasure and left the area in case Oola decided to return.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items, Oola’s Wand, and a ruby
Outposts: None
Exits: Magus Stones
Friends: Malory K.