Sep 152009

Today is the beginning of my epic quest to explore the lands of Tyria. I decided to embark on what must be a long and arduous journey to hone my skills. Both Tyria and Cantha face new terrible threats, and the need for heroes has never been greater.

I decided to start in Ascalon, the region of Tyria that was destroyed by the Searing: a disaster brought on by the charr. My choice was not random. A fellow adventurer by the name of Erolin peaked my interest in this place. We both share the same desire to see the world and learn what we can to save it. I met her just outside the gates of Ascalon City.

Even though the charr were successful in turning the once lush and beautiful Ascalonian lands to ruins, its survivors still remain here. I talked to all of the commoners, soldiers, and otherwise skilled persons available. Many of them still held hope that their King Adelbern will lead them through this difficult time. In my homeland of Cantha, the Kurzicks and Luxons have managed to begin anew after the Jade Wind catastrophe. So I am hopeful that the Ascalonians can rebuild their kingdom if they get enough support.

Amongst the ruins we spotted this statue of Lyssa, the twin goddess of illusion and beauty. I found it inspiring to see that although the charr could destroy cities, the monuments to our gods still stand.

Continuing on we spotted another statue to the gods, this time for Balthazar, god of war and fire.  At the base of the statue, Master Ranger Nente and Penelope Hood stand watch.

Following along the edge of the wall, Erolin soon pointed out the Breach. I didn’t notice the path at first, due to the poor state of the wall. She told me that into that area, we would encounter large groups of charr. And that in the thick of it all is a small outpost called Piken Square.

Next I met Shalev the Hermit. He wasn’t very happy to meet me. In fact, he insisted I leave right away, even after I helped kill some devourers that were attacking him. The nerve! I really wanted to ask him where he got those clothes. I have not seen anything like it in all of Tyria.

During the Searing, the charr used a magical cauldron which summoned large crystals which rained down all over Ascalon. The charr also marched towards Orr (before it sank), and Kryta where they were defeated by an unknown force. At the moment, Ascalon is a battlefield between the charr and us humans. I heard reports of Tyria’s devastation in Cantha, but I didn’t know what to expect until I saw what everyone called the Searing. It is pretty clear to me now that the Ascalonians will need a lot more aid to fight back the charr.

During these dark times its easy to encounter thugs and other villains. Walking along the southern edge of Old Ascalon we found ourselves in a battle with Bonetti. (There is a skill named after him, you know.) He was no match for us however and fell quickly just after a few shots. From his corpse I took a gold shield. Upon further inspection I realized why he had not put up a very good fight: his shield sucks! 

Soon after fighting Bonetti I came across Gwen’s Broken Flute, the prized possession of a young girl. As someone who never grew up in Ascalon, I only know about Gwen through stories. She was a joyful young girl who stood just outside Ascalon City, collecting red iris flowers and keeping adventurers company while playing her flute. When the Searing happened, her family was killed, and her whereabouts are unknown to this day. Erolin mentioned that there are still reports of survivors being found everyday, so hopefully Gwen was able to escape. 

I talked to Dreaz Bowem about the dangers of collecting wares in areas filled with monsters. He did not care and kept telling me that it was “his job.” I did not stay very long, mostly because he reeked of fetid carapaces (which he collects, bleeech!!)

In a cave cloaked by wild growth and filled with devourers, we found several crude prisons built by the charr. My companion who had been chatty during the whole exploration, fell silent at the sight of these. It never really dawned on me until now just how much the people of Ascalon suffered. The plague in Cantha is pretty bad, but it just doesn’t compare to what Erolin and her country have been through. We’ve both lost people close to us, but after the plague has been cleansed I will still have a home to return to.

Prized spoils: 2 golden items.
Outposts: Ascalon City, Sardelac Sanitarium.
Exits: The Breach, Regent Valley
Friends: Erolin S.