Nov 072009

I’ve finally made my way to North Kryta Province, a large explorable area just outside Lion’s Arch (and D’Alessio Seaboard). For anyone interested in sight-seeing, I would recommend setting aside a fair amount of time to ‘take in’ the beauty of this area.
From my own experience and research I’ve done, the monsters are not hard to defeat, but there is a lot of ground to cover.
Anyways, our journey beings a few steps outside Lion’s Arch. In the background you can see a huge structure just beyond the waterfall. It is an enormous housing complex, perhaps where Krytan elite live and where royalty used to. If you go into Lion’s Arch, there is another similar structure to the south that you can get a good look at as well.

Next to Archivist Ithimar, I found these strange globes of light flying about.

There are a lot of these ruins scattered around North Kryta Province. Unfortunately I do not know why they are in ruins (I doubt it was only caused by Skales and Mergoyles).

One of the most curious sites I have seen yet! A campfire (still lit) and two makeshift huts. The larger of the two looks big enough for a human to sit in. However the smaller one isn’t even big enough to house a child! Is this some sort of Skale or Mergoyle housing, or something Krytans just won’t tell me!

After slaying monsters all day, sitting on a pier and having a cold one while staring out into the Giant’s Basin lake would be a great way to relax.

Here is the Ascalon Settlement! When Rurik left his homeland, he encouraged fellow Ascalonians to go as well. They’ve all ended up in Kryta, and most of them are in this settlement. I’m sure it must be difficult adjusting to a different area. Perhaps not knowing if it’s even a permanent residence, because world-shaking events keep occurring!

I chatted with Captain Greywind for a while. The Ascalon Settlement has been a big success, but I’m sure he misses killing charr.

Ahhh, these must be rice terraces! I’ve heard Nebo Terrace has even more of these (hence the name).

Right by the terraces, I found Farmer Dirk and his piggies. He kept talking about life before the Searing, and how he missed living in Lakeside County.

I’ve never seen crops like these before, I wonder what they yield?

At the very south-western edge of this area, I found some Tengu hoarding caravans! It seems Kryta has a problem keeping trade routes open. (Hint hint! Hire some bored adventurers!)
This is near the D’Alessio Seaboard outpost (named for Saul D’lessio: Kryta’s hero during the Searing). So I’m not sure why it would be hard for the Lionguard to help out.

My exploration of this area is almost complete, and my final stop is Miraba’s farm. She’s seen here just to the left, probably waiting on whatever is cooking in that oven.

And just in front of Miraba’s farm are Dalos Ekarus and Meika Ulrikar, two young lovers from Cantha… living in Kryta! I don’t know the full details behind the events that led them here (as I was not able to even leave Cantha while Luxons and Kurzicks were fighting in Kryta). But it’s very touching to see Luxons and Kurzicks together!

Prized spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Lion’s Arch, D’Alessio Seaboard
Exits: Scoundrel’s Rise, Nebo Terrace