Dec 172010

Gwen and Thackeray sent a messenger to find me so that they could speak with me in person about wedding arrangements. I found the request a bit odd since I don’t have any experience planning weddings. So I wasn’t entirely surprised when they asked me to hunt down rare monsters. Since they are having a norn wedding, their family members are required to help out. As survivors of the searing, they don’t have any family members, which is why they needed me.

Even though I was a bit skeptical of the request, I agreed to help them. Thackeray was quick to point out where to find the alpha tyrannus, elusive black moa, and 3 ripened mirage ibgoa. I was ready to head out and get the request over with, when Valgar Tempestcrafter entered the room. He too wanted to help Thackeray because he viewed the situation as a challenge needing a big norn to beat it. *sigh* Typical norn behavior.

All of this wedding planning has really stressed out Gwen and Keiran. I think they were glad I stayed for a few more moments so that someone would comfort them. Its times like this that I’m happy to not have settled down yet.

First on the list, in the Alcazia Tangle I had to kill the alpha tyrannus for juicy tyrannus fillet. When I first caught a glimpse of this beast, the grumbling of my henchmen became difficult to ignore. It’s so huge and guarded by a few other groups of dinosaurs. I reassured them that as a skilled ranger, I could pull one group and make this easier. Still, with all of the other groups taken care of, the alpha tyrannus was difficult to kill. If Keiran had any living relatives, I’m not sure they would want to go through with this sort of request just for a slab of meat. At least this foe will feed a full group of wedding guests and the norn attending.

Next I headed off to the Mourning Veil Falls to kill an elusive black moa to make spicy moa wings. I didn’t mind killing the dinosaur, but I think it’s a bit cruel to kill such a rare creature. Nevertheless I had to go through with this because I made a promise. When I first spotted the moa, it squawked and left a puff of smoke as it disappeared. This chase happened a few times before I finally caught up with it.

I think the elusive black moa spent some time watching the Kurzick assassins in the area. It knew techniques that only trained assassins know. Not that it was a fair fight at all; it was the eight of us against one ornery bird. Moments after we had cornered it, I had the moa wings needed for the wedding.

Lastly, I headed to the Garden of Seborhin to find 3 ripened mirage iboga for gourmet iboga salad. In such a big area as this, I used my years of experience tracking animals to locate the three vicious plants with ease.

I quickly traveled back to the Eye of the North to deliver the fresh ingredients. Keiran and Gwen were very pleased with my success, I also managed to impress two of their norn friends: Brartak the Glutton and Helga the Cub. Everything is going well, I can’t wait to see the ceremony!