Apr 042011

When I arrived in the Realm of Torment, a ghost named Pehai had some news for me. Apparently Kormir was waiting for us in Nightfallen Jahai just outside the Gate of Torment. According to the spearmarshal, this area was dreamed into existence by Abaddon! She also told us she cannot leave the Realm of Torment as she has been touched by Abaddon. Anything tainted by Abaddon is confined to the realm of torment to keep the natural realm untainted. I appreciate her help, but I don’t trust her judgement. I’ve watcher to drift further away from reality as time went on. Besides, can she really lead us when she is blind?

Even though Nightfallen Jahai is not real, I’m going to explore it with Rajas in hopes of understanding Abaddon a bit more.

Back at the Gate of Torment I agreed to look into some matters for payment. Among those requests, a ghost named Keshek asked me to investigate this spot where I found what looks like the mangled corpse of a spider. Next to it, Abaddon’s Adjutant and an Emissary of Dhuum were talking about their gods joining forces. After I killed them, Keshek taught me a bit more about Dhuum. He was the god of death before Grenth and apparently still has some power. I wonder why Dhuum wasn’t destroyed when Grenth usurped him.

Another quest took me to a tomb that was going to be used as a portal into the real world. Here I found another Emissary of Dhuum. This one looked very different and walked on all fours. It appeared to be all alone, thought I knew it wasn’t. I ordered my hired help to stay back while I triggered the ambush, then gave the order to attack to effect an ambush of our own. The Emissary of Dhuum did not prove difficult to defeat. I was really hoping to see more of Dhuum’s power.

Deeper into Nightfallen Jahai we found a very strange… uhh… statue? It looks like some sort of colossal insect. If this is a dream world then this is just something Abaddon made up. Or maybe it is something that once lived here in Abaddon’s prison.

Besides the usual group of monoliths, margonites, and tormented creatures, there are also titans here. I was surprised to see how big one of their leaders, Faveo Aggredior is. It has the same appearance as the little madness titans, but is so much bigger.

What a sight! A purple river of souls. I remember a very similar scene back in Kourna.

Nearby the waterfall we found a treasure chest. Rajas and I shared a couple of golden items and few platinum coins out of it.

With most of the area explored, we headed for the large buildings at the fortress of Jahai.

In a sulfurous pit, we found a bit of wooden machinery. I don’t remember seeing it here in the real world.

Rajas and I stood on the bridge and watched the river of souls for a while. All rivers have a melody to them and this one is no exception. Its melody is not something you’d expect to hear though; it is the screaming of the souls from the river itself.

After our “sight seeing”, Rajas and I rested in the nearby outpost for our next mission in the Realm of Torment.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: Gate of Torment, Gate of Nightfallen Lands, Gate of Pain
Exits: None
Friends: Rajas I.