Mar 262011

Our attempts to stop Nightfall from happening have failed, but we still have a chance to track down Varesh and stop her from bringing more of Abaddon’s influence into our world.

After my exploration at the Holdings of Chokhin, I was summoned to the princes to talk about Varesh’s next move. The meeting was interrupted by a messenger who said Varesh was attacking the Sebelkeh Basilica. We made haste to the Grand Court of Sebelkeh. Upon our arrival, we found an unlikely ally in Varesh’s own General Morgahn who felt betrayed by Varesh.

At the basilica, we had to close three demonic portals, kill groups of margonites, and defeat their leader, the Blasphemy, to prevent the Altar of Lyssa from being corrupted. Varesh had already completed her ritual, but we have cleansed the basilica. Unfortunately nightfall is already under way. Morgahn told us that she was headed to the Mouth of Torment in the Desolation, to usher Abaddon into our world. The general joined our party to help us hunt her down.

Night has fallen over Elona, and an army of Margonites marched to the gates of the Kodash Bazaar. With the help of the djinn of Ahdashim, we killed them and prevented their invasion. Despite our victory, parts of Elona still fell to Abaddon’s corruption. I had made my way to the Garden of Seborhin and found it had succumb to Nightfall already. Outside its twisted entrance, I found a curious Kurzick necromancer. Anile R. Durheim was drawn to Elona by the events of Nightfall. When I learned that he was a devout follower of Grenth and opposer of Abaddon, I gladly accepted his request to accompany me into the Nightfallen Garden.

Koss and Melonni had argued over which part of Elona to save first: the prince’s Garden of Seborhin or Melonni’s home village of Ronjok. I chose to do both! I could tell they thought I was taking the situation a bit too lightly. But after I had cleansed both areas, they admitted that they were too hard on each other. It is pretty obvious that Koss and Melonni have a budding relationship forming. Its very cute and all, but unfortunately my work at the garden is not finished. Even after I killed three Harbingers, the garden is still corrupted. To understand more about the forces of Abaddon and how to combat it, I headed back into the garden with Anile to explore it.

It is hard to imagine what this place looked like before Nightfall. So much has changed, and now there is a taint in the air that makes me feel ill.

Aside from the margonites and monoliths, the monsters inside the Nightfallen Garden are new to me. By the entrance I found some of Menzies’ Shadow Army and further down this trail I spotted some Madness Titans.

Very little of the original landscape is recognizable; everything has been corrupted and transformed by Nightfall. For instance, we found this mass of tendrils that almost looks like a spider. I remember this used to be an empty field. Anile and I checked to see if “it” was alive, but it did not respond when we poked it.

Strangely enough, the evil that lives here has battles of its own. Margonites, the Shadow Army, and Tormented creatures are at war with each other here. I waited for a bit, and charged into battle after they looked exhausted.

We are not even half way through exploring this area, and already we have slain so many enemies. I took the opportunity to study our enemies closely, and took note of which spells and techniques they used to fight us. These Margonite Seers delight in draining energy and removing party enchantments. I asked our monks to put away their staves until the Margonite Seers fired off their initial spells. This tactic ensures that our monks have reserves of energy in their staves to heal us during battle.

While fighting Tormented creatures, I noticed that when they were about to die, it would kneel down and utter a demonic chant. After about five seconds, a perfect clone of itself is summoned next to it. So it became very important to focus on one creature at a time, and put a lot of effort into the few remaining attacks needed to kill them. It becomes a difficult battle if you let them summon extra help.

The Shadow Army are the easiest foes here. We used a very simple tactic to slay them: focus on the healers, interrupt the casters, and blind or hex the rangers and warriors. Thankfully they cannot summon additional enemies.

I have been in here so long, that it feels like I’m on a different world. Everything looks so strange, even the sounds are like nothing I’ve heard before. There is also this sensation that you are being watched wherever you go. I found the experience haunting yet interesting, but my hired help needed to be “persuaded” (bribed) to stay here longer. Anile said he was intrigued by Abaddon’s dark song here, but that he would not wish this sort of destruction on any part of Tyria.

When I saw this, there was no mistake that it is some sort of “hand” reaching out like the hand of Abaddon trying to tear out of his prison. I wondered if Abaddon could command this hand to move if he gained more control in this world. As of now, it is stationary and poses no threat to us.

The tranquil waters of the garden have been corrupted into a pool of thick, murky fluid.

We spotted another strange feature, a twisted face protruding from jagged cliffs. It reminds me of similar faces on the Ring of Fire island chain, another area where Abaddon had touched the world with his taint.

My heart sunk when I saw what happened to the main area of the garden. Everything had been destroyed! I don’t know how the Vabbians will ever rebuild this. It would cost a fortune.

Walking down the stairs, we spotted the “hand” seen earlier in our exploration.

At the spot where Koss and I defeated the Harbinger, there is a large mess of… well I don’t know exactly. It is some strange material from the torment world. Anile moved up and rested his ear against it to try and sense if anything was happening beyond the pile. It was just eerily silent.

Remarkably, the Seborhin trees still dance in the sky. I didn’t know Lyssa had such a strong hold on this garden. Although I suspect it is quite taxing to keep such a spectacle from Abaddon’s corruption.

With our exploration complete, I said farewell to my new friend Anile. The time spent here has exhausted me, but I am not looking forward to resting anytime soon. I fear that Abaddon will haunt my dreams and turn me insane.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: None
Exits: Forum Highlands
Friends: Anile R. Durheim