Nov 072009

My good friend Adi The Bloody, decided to help me with today’s exploration of Nebo Terrace! We left from Bergen Hot Springs (which oddly enough a lot of monks seemed to leave from as well.) In the following pictures, you’ll also notice that we have a Gaki. He was imprisoned in a ‘summoning stone’, a fantastic magical innovation! I highly recommend stocking up on a few summoning stones before venturing out into an area.
Anyways, Nebo Terrace gets it name from the village of Nebo (located to the north) and the many terraces in the area. It would be quite a lovely area, if it were not for all the undead, tengu, ettins, mergoyles, imps and skales!

Here are some terraces in the background, just below the lovely sunset. There is a lot about Kryta I don’t know about! I’ve tried talking to a lot of commoners and lionguards, but they just keep yammering on about the White Mantle.
But now that the Mursaat are mostly all but wiped out and the White Mantle are losing power, I would hope to learn more about old Kryta.

We found an interesting watch tower at the far west part of the map. Although I doubt it’s still used by humans.

The Nebo Village, with a nice view of the statue of Dwayna from here.

It didn’t take Adi and myself very long to explore the whole area. But at last when we were done, it ends on another shot of the terraces that are so common here.
Next time I’ll be venturing out into the Watch Tower Coast.

Prized spoils: 4 golden items
Outposts: Nebo Terrace, Beetletun,
Exits: North Kryta Province, Cursed Lands
Friends: Adi