Jun 042010

A slum area located to the side of Nahpui Quarter became available for me to explore after I bested Hai Ji, Tahmu, Kuonghsang and Kaijun Don in the celestial part of Nahpui Quarter and became closer to the stars. Perhaps if I can help save Cantha from Shiro Tagachi’s wrath, I will come back and explore the celestial area in more depth. For now, Catfish J., Morganna D., Xia H.D. and Vengance H. will accompany me in exploring the less glamorous side of Nahpui Quarter.

The scent of smoke caught our attention before the burnt remains of houses were in our sights. Am Fah thugs patrol the area and lay traps in the areas between the buildings. It’s bad enough having your house burnt down, but you couldn’t go back and try to salvage any of your belongings with the Am Fah there!

I wonder when or if the government has heard about the destruction here. It would be sad to find out that nothing was being done about the continued burning of the area because of red tape.

Away from the burning slums, there is some shallow water in the north-east corner of this district.

With not much else to explore down below, we walked up a few ramps to find some Jade Brotherhood members patrolling yet another residential area.

I’m not sure what is beyond this gate. Perhaps it is put in place to keep gangs out.

I found a cute orange tabby just rolling around on the floor. It didn’t mind us fighting the Jade Brotherhood, but it did take offence when I stopped rubbing it’s belly.

Beyond the houses, there is a small section where you can find Royen Beastkeeper atop a hill. This looks like a nice place to meditate under a tree. Too bad it’s the “property” of gangs now.

To celebrate driving out the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood (if even for a short time), I pulled out a cold one and shared it with my friends: Morganna D., Catfish J., Xia H.D., and Vengance H.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items, one elite elementalist tome, one regular elementalist tome
Outposts: Senji’s Coner
Exits: Shenzun Tunnels
Friends: Xia H. D., Catfish J, Vengance H., Morganna D.