Jul 102010

On a typical hot and humid day in Kryta, I came to see Princess Salma to see if she had any tasks for me. Dinas rushed past me. I could tell by the way he stood and the deep breaths that he took in, that he bore bad news. Apparently the White Mantle have been massing a huge army in Demetra, and are headed for Lion’s Arch with the intention of killing Salma. Needless to say, I offered my support and was sent on a mission to alert all of our allies that we needed help quickly. I noticed that my friend Solorian was in Lion’s Arch and brought him along on my urgent mission.

Firstly, I was sent to the Shining Blade camp in the Talmark Wilderness to speak with Bartholos. He reassured me that everyone he trained was ready for this moment. With not a moment to spare he ordered his troops to head for the docks of Fisherman’s Haven to set sail for Lion’s Arch. Before he left with them, he advised me to check in quickly with Livia, Zinn, and Blimm.

When I arrived at Zinn’s laboratory and spoke with Livia, it turns out that they hadn’t quite finished their golem. But after being intimidated by Livia, they found a way to use an infusion-like protection, but it would only work once.

I rushed to Beetletun and spoke with Elder Herzon and told him of the White Mantle’s movements. He took my advice and evacuated the villagers to Shaemoor. With no time to spare, I headed out into Nebo Terrace to meet up with Livia, Zinn, and Blimm. To my surprise, Captain Langmar and Lieutenant Thackeray were there as well. We all headed to the Nebo Village and warned them as well about the attack. They decided it was best to take shelter in the hot springs while the rest of us rushed to North Kryta Province with agents of the White Mantle on our heels. I did not waste any time making small talk with Captain Greywind when we arrived at the Ascalon Settlement. He ordered the villagers to follow me into Lion’s Arch to take refuge. Captain Langmar, Lieutenant Thackeray, and Captain Greywind stayed behind to help more villagers escape.

White Mantle forces came in swarms as we ran to Lion’s Arch. Apparently shouting “Fall Back!” and “Incoming!” encouraged the villagers to keep up with us and not fall behind into our enemies blades. I know that this is just the beginning of our troubles.

Allies: Solorian D.

~ 1079 A.E.