Jun 232010

Today I am joined by six adventurers: Solorian, Catfish, Xia, Vengance, Cver and Claire on my exploration of the last Kurzick area. We met at the Durheim Archives, home to the most renowned scholars and historians the Echovald Forest has to offer. Not that I am able to ask any questions of them, because I am not a true Kurzick. Perhaps if I became their champion or saviour they would reveal some ancient lore to me.

As soon as we entered this area, the sound of waterfalls was almost deafening. Not that the mantids seemed to mind.

The air here is very refreshing. Water is abundant throughout Mourning Veil Falls.

The water here looks very inviting, but I don’t have time for swimming now.

Even in Mourning Veil Falls, the tree tops block out the sky.

I love taking in the sights of the Echovald Forest. Knowing that my next area will be the Jade Sea, I am going to miss being this close to nature.

In the distance, the shape of the tree houses look haunting. Which made me think about all the ghosts I have met so far, and how I’ve yet to meet any in the Echovald Forest. You’d think that they would feel right at home in this spooky forest.

Why is there blue pulsating light at the base of this plant? If you get close enough you can even hear a faint humming noise. Could this be an extension of the old forest spirit, regrowing after the jade wind hit?

I noticed that this house has a lovely gate blocking us from paying the residents a visit. I’m not sure if such a gate would prevent something tougher like wardens from bashing it in though.

As if the natural waterfalls were not enough, the Kurzicks have designed a gargoyle fountain that spews even more water.

While traveling through this land, I’ve often wondered what it is like to live in one of these stone tree houses. What do the Kurzicks prepare for dinner, wallow stew and dredge pie?

Finally, I am done exploring the Echovald Forest. Without my friends Xia, Solorian, Vengance, Catfish, Cver and Claire my journey today would have been exhausting. It is so nice to have company on these trips of mine.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items, one elite monk tome
Outposts: Durheim Archives, Amatz Basin
Exits: The Eternal Grove
Friends: Xia H.D., Solorian D., Vengance H., Catfish J., Cver D., Claire P.