Jun 222010

It was late in the day when I met up with my friends Solorian and Claire to explore Morostav Trail. As we entered this area, we spotted all the familiar things in the Echovald Forest: stone trees, mushrooms, and moss growing everywhere. Unfortunately this is where the typical adventurer would lose interest in exploring and continue on their way to the next outpost. Unless you are a cartographer, most people miss finding interesting things when they travel because they just don’t take the time to look around.

I asked Solorian if ritualists ever use mushrooms like these in potions or as healing remedies. He tells me that it’s uncommon, but not unheard of. Maybe if I had a monk in the party, someone would find a use for them. Which reminds me… an old friend collected some mushrooms while we were exploring Sorrow’s Furnace. I wonder how that turned out for her.

It is always a bit nervous walking up to pillars and statues in this region, because I’m not sure if something will spring to life and attack me!

Around a smaller group of pillars, there is a corrupted Kirin by the name Konrru, the Tainted Stone. It felt bad to fight against him in battle, but I knew that it was probably best to eliminate these unholy beasts from the world. Why can’t there be more kirins like Zunraa?

We didn’t think twice about walking along the edge of the water and then going into it. How could we know that there were wardens hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to attack us? At least the water itself does not poison you if it touches your skin, despite it’s murky appearance.

The abundance of mushrooms makes fighting here difficult because you always breathing in their stone spores. Enemies take advantage of this and attack you just beyond the noxious cloud.

When the wind blows through this part, it causes the vines to shake rain water on you.

Warden leaders must love this particular part of Morostav Trail, because I found and defeated four of them: Arbor Earthcall, Kyril Oathwarden, Sunreach Warmaker and Falaharn Mistwarden. The last two were somewhat difficult because they are in such close proximity.

On our way to the Unwaking Waters outpost, these funny looking houses that seem to have facial expressions really caught our attention.

Just by the Unwaking Waters outpost, a Shiro’ken ritualist attacked us. This encounter makes me wonder what lies ahead of us in the mission to find Kunnavang. Has Shiro got to this wise and ancient dragon too?

Solorian and Claire had a great time exploring Morostav Trail with me and I look forward to having them in my future adventures across Tyria.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items, one ritualist tome
Outposts: Vasburg Armory, Durheim Archives, Unwaking Waters outpost
Exits: None
Friends: Solorian D., Claire P.