May 042010

Normally the Monastery Overlook is off limits to everyone, even native Canthans that have graduated from their studies on Shing Jea Island. However Instructor Ng owed me a favor and let visit a few areas inside while he was on a lunch break.

After finishing my exploration of Tyria, it feels good to be back home and to visit where I began training to become a ranger. Only the most talented (or richly funded) can hope to be accepted into Shing Jea Monastery. Unlike Tyria, in Canthan you can be taught the arts of the Ritualist, a mystical spellcaster that can bind ritual spirits and command them to attack enemies and protect allies. Although others prefer to learn the deadly arts of the Assassin, a quick and efficient killer who carries out murders under many circumstances: revenge, paid contracts, or personal gain. I’ve also heard of Paragons and Dervishes coming from Elona, but I will discuss it when I visit the Land of the Golden Sun. For now I am finally back home in the Empire of the Dragon!

Training on Shing Jea Island is delightful, partly due to being away from your parents and also because the weather is alway just right.

Looking over this fence I can see Seitung Harbor, an incredibly busy port for Cantha and where everyone must go if they wish to visit the mainland.

This would not be much of a beginners training ground without proper weapons and armor, or at least the showcase of such things.

A deep mist obscures the bottom of this tall rocky monolith.

Instructor Ng wasn’t kidding about being able to explore part of Monastery Overlook. Beyond this gate is where I first began my training and met Master Togo. I will continue onward to Sunqua Vale and continue my ramblings there.