Feb 132011

As the days progress, I’m finding it easier to gain the trust of more and more Vabbian nobles. Tomorrow I am supposed to check up on Prince Bokka the Magnificent and persuade him to help the sunspears, or at the very least oppose Varesh’s Kournan army. My friends Rajas, Alarion, and Aesir V., took a moment out of their luxurious afternoon in the Kodash Bazaar to explore the Mirror of Lyss with me. Right outside the city gates are a few tents where collectors or nobles can gather and enjoy the (safe) outdoors. I think even an aggressive Jahai Rat would send them running back inside the city.

Roaring ethers, rain beetles, and behemoths lurk in the rocky terrain here. It is easy to draw the attention of more than one group at a time. I recommend scouting out the area first, and fooling a small group into an ambush by your party members. When it comes to defeating the roaring ethers, spreading out is also important. Their domination magic will give you more than a headache if you all cluster up nicely for them.

At the far north-west side of the Mirror of Lyss, we spotted the gates to Mihanu Township. Just beyond that outpost you can find the Merchant Prince Mehtu’s lands. Tahlkora, who was in our party at the time, was somewhat reluctant to pay her dad a visit. I got the impression that he pampers her too much.

Heading east, we encountered a group of cobalts and their leader Riktund the Vicious. The battle was not difficult, but standing so close to the cobalt shriekers was a bit unnerving. Next time I’ll have to remember to ask one of our necromancers to curse them with Ulcerous Lungs.

Finally we made our way to the pool of water this area is named after: the Mirror of Lyss. That large floating platform above it is the Sebelkeh Basilica, a fantastic temple for the Vabbian’s patron goddess Lyssa. The sight of this wonder made us all stop for a moment and admire it. I’d love to stop here and watch it for a while, but I have yet to even fully explore the eastern edge of this area.

We found some buried treasure in the territory of Shezel Slowreaper, the plant leader! We divided up the loot and each of us received a golden item and a few platinum coins. I wish there were more spots like this hidden in the other continents. It makes exploring so much more fun.

On the desire path to Honur Hill, we spotted a group of margonites and Kournan guards marching towards us. I kept the party focused on my called targets and we defeated them in no time. This group was also accompanied by Briahn the Chosen, a mighty paragon leader of the margonites. Even in death, his glowing purple wings kept pulsating with light. The sight of this pulls you back into the reality that we are up against a god and his minions. My travels thus far have been successful, so I’m not about to loose hope over something like that!

Traveling in Vabbi is great because there is usually a merchant located somewhere in the area. Which means I don’t have to haul around a lot of junk to the nearest outpost. To the north-east of this fortified area is an even bigger stronghold called the Citzadel of Dzagon. It belongs to Prince Ahmtur the Mighty. I can’t wait to meet him and perhaps learn how Vabbian guards are trained. My other companions were also interested in meeting such a seasoned veteran of the battlefield, but our elementalist Rajas preferred looking through Prince Mehtu’s library.

Our exploration led us to the other side of the Mirror of Lyss. I thanked my friends Aesir V., Alarion, and Rajas for accompanying me. All four of us traveled back to the Kodash Bazaar and deposited the platinum we earned today in our vault boxes before the merchants had a chance to sell us any marked up goods.

Prized Spoils: 5 golden items, one mesmer tome
Outposts: The Kodash Bazaar, Mihanu Township, Honur Hill, Dzagonur Bastion, Grand Court of Sebelkeh, Dasha Vestibule
Exits: None
Friends: Rajas I., Alarion M., Aesir V.