May 072010

Revisiting Minister Cho’s Estate after clearing it of Afflicted brings back painful memories. Solorian and I have both witnessed perfectly healthy people being overcome by a sinister disease and turning into monsters. It’s not the sort of thing you forget easily. If you are an adventurer, you have of course seen necromancers exploit corpses and summon forth undead minions. Turning into an Afflicted one happens while you’re still alive, not when your life ends. Poor Minister Cho was turned into one of these creatures when I was escorted to the estate with Master Togo and Yijo Tahn. Even though this is a tragedy, some people cannot stop gossiping about who will take over the estate.

Entering Minister Cho’s court, we took a few moments to admire the dragon ornate floor pattern.

Two dragons with their claws reach out to where I originally met the diseased Minister Cho.

The view around this estate is gorgeous, too bad the only inhabitants of this area are diseased and afflicted.

Exotic animals were once contained within this section before they too became diseased.

Most of the animals on the estate perished or became afflicted during the outbreak of disease. Perhaps seeing this healthy crane is symbolic of life prevailing even in dire times.

A babbling brook, nearby ornate structures for the estate.

Less impressive than other houses around here, these must be for the servants that take care of Minister Cho’s animals.

I have seen these in Zen Daijun. Bells like this summon a kirin: Zunraa. A holy creature that watches over that land.

Starfish are common on the beaches of this estate, giant ones can also be found if you have keen eyes.

A grand bell standing alone on a rocky island. I’ve heard that if you tap it just so, the sound that it emits is divine.

This looks like a great place to have a vacation or perhaps a honeymoon for the wealthy.

Everything on this patch of land has some sort of decoration, even this simple bridge. Tapestries wave gently as the wind blows.

The estate has many “wings”. Foh Wing is just over the bridge I traveled on. Before the afflicted took over, I can only imagine that many rich friends of Minister Cho gathered in these wings.

At the far end of Temku Caverns, I can make out what appears to be Zhengjo Temple behind some rubble.

At the end of our exploration of Minister Cho’s Estate we paid our respects to the departed at a shrine.

Prized Spoils: one ritualist tome
Outposts: Minister Cho’s Estate (outpost), Ran Musu Gardens
Exits: None
Friends: Solorian D.