Apr 132010

Continuing on with my friends Angela, Kaileen, N. Squirrel, and Azrael we arrived in Mineral Springs to find a much different atmosphere than Tasca’s Demise. The sky is much clearer and this not only lets us see around us better, but also put us in a much better mood. It gives me the feeling that maybe the Southern Shiverpeaks isn’t out to kill us after all. *laugh*

The beauty of the landscape took me by surprise, and I suspect that if it were not snowing so heavily in other areas of the Shiverpeaks that I would feel the same about those areas too.

The Deldrimor Dwarves Goran Grimyak and crafter Hagrem were reluctant at first to speak with us (understandably) but eventually opened up after I made it clear that we were no threat to them. They even offered us a place to rest so long as we didn’t disturb their yaks.

Some Frost Wurms popped out of the ground as we reached a dead end.

I always enjoy looking at these frozen waterfalls in the Shiverpeaks, but my friends don’t always like it when I hold them up and reminded me that I’d become frozen in time if I stood around in one place too long.

There is a tale among adventurers that deep into Mineral Springs there is a cave with a massive amount of Ice Imps. It’s also known that these particular Imps hoard a mighty weapon, the Icy Dragon Sword.

Making our way through the cave and slaying more Ice Imps than I’ve seen in my life so far, we did not find any Icy Dragon Swords. However the sight of a statue of Lyssa deeply intrigued us, especially Kaileen and N. Squirrel. We paid our respects to the goddess and carried on deeper into the cave.

This is one of the strangest encounters I’ve had so far! Why is the Seer in Mineral Springs? Kaileen asked our strange ally what he wanted and discovered that the Ice Beast we killed moments earlier possessed Spectral Essence. In exchange for the Spectral Essence, he offered to infuse our armor with protection against the Mursaat’s Spectral Agony, if we wished.

I knew he would offer this before I even spoke with him, but I was still shocked to find him all the way out here. Oddly enough, the sky behind him is dark as well. Everything about this spot made me feel uneasy and hesitant about staying too long. It is nice that the Seer helps us against the Mursaat, but so little is known about his kind besides the fact that they are a dying race of strange creatures with even stranger magics.

Heading out of the cave we made one last stop before departing. Nearby the statue of Lyssa there are some fallen beacons with odd orbs of pulsating light. A strange humming can be heard being emitted from them too. N. Squirrel, Angela, Kaileen, Azrael and I studied it closely to try and understand it better, but our efforts were all in vain. I thanked my friends for coming and departed with them back to our guild hall.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: None
Exits: Tasca’s Demise
Friends: Kaileen A., Azrael R., B. Angela, Nutty S.