Jun 182010

The very name of this area had me excited. Melandru’s Hope sounds like just the sort of place a ranger would want to explore. So for my adventure today, I waited eagerly in Lutgardis Conservatory for my friends to show up. While I waited there, I spoke with Duke Holtz Lutgardis to find out more about House Lutgardis. Before I could move on from “hello” to “tell me about your people”, he cut me off mid-sentence in a most unusual way. He told me about his family in song! I had no idea anyone could take singing so seriously as to prefer it over speaking normally. But with a voice like that, I can understand why. His house is responsible for the forever trees; trees that can change a Kurzick into a juggernaught. For centuries, the Lutgardis house have devoted themselves to song and the creation of wondrous musical instruments.

When he finished, I nodded my head nervously and waved goodbye as I walked away and joined my friends Catfish, Xia, Bjorne, Solorian, and Cver .

Thick fog makes even walking in Melandru’s Hope a dangerous move. Mantids were constantly sneaking up on us and catching us off guard.

Contrary to what you would think about a forest with petrified trees, the Echovald Forest and this area in particular feel very “alive”. While in the water, Bjorne told us she felt very invigorated and her enchantment spells were strong while she casted them here.

Buildings take on a haunting look when fog partially obscures them.

Just like in Ferndale, the dense tree tops make it difficult to get a view of the sky.

Somehow though, small rays of light find their way through the maze of tree branches and petrified leaves.

Though I still find the Kurzick houses to be a bit strange and spooky, I must admit that this beats living in the slums of Kaineng City.

Tiny light orbs fell from the sky in this spot, they kind of look like pollen but it couldn’t be coming from the petrified trees could it?

I found a nice waterfall. Too bad a mess of wild roots blocked my view of it.

Before I knew it, we had fully explored Melandru’s Hope. I thanked my friends L.M. Bjorne, Cver D., Xia H.D., Solorian D., and Catfish J. for their help in making this a pain-free adventure!

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items
Outposts: Lutgardis Conservatory, Brauer Academy, Jade Flats
Exits: None
Friends: Catfish J., Xia H. D., L.M. Bjorne, Solorian D., Cver D.