Sep 192010

Kodlonu Hamlet is a lovely outpost, filled with merchants and spots to relax. Most of the time when I reach an outpost after spending a long time fighting my way to it, there is no where to lounge. Not only does this place have a fireplace to gather around, but shaded seating. That is exactly where Cver found me waiting, and possibly wondering to himself if I was ever going to get up.

I brought him over to a corner of the hamlet and pointed out the strange Canthan. It was Jatoro Musagi! I spent a good amount of time on Shing Jea “helping” his mother straighten him out. Originally he became a member of the Crimson Skull pirate gang, then wandered the Jade Sea looking for money. He eventually wound up here through some business contract delivering a jadeite block to Vabbi. His ship was attacked by corsairs, but he found shelter in the hamlet. I offered to help Jatoro but he informed me that some young Elonian adventurers already did so.

I know that Cver is a gentleman, so without wasting any more of his time, we set out on our exploration of Mehtani Keys. Just as I stepped out and walked towards a boat parked on the shore, a group of mandragor erupted from the ground and attacked us.

A bridge leading up to a village was splendidly colorful. Unlike the relics from the Primeval Kings era, you can tell that this bridge receives maintenance.

Only the merchant and artisan in the village cared to talk with us for more than a moment. Perhaps they feared having us around might attract a band of corsairs.

I remember seeing a creature very similar to this in Tears of the Fallen and Lion’s Arch.

Corsairs lay waiting for us on a small island. It is a shame that we had to spill their blood into the sparkling waters of Mehtani Keys.

Ahh, here is the Cyclone Palace. I remember Rajas telling me about thwarting Skale Lord Jurpa’s plans to form a skale army. The building looks like a mess, but I suppose a skale wouldn’t mind one bit.

Moving on we spotted a shipwreck. As we got closer we noticed huge blocks of jade with fish inside them. This must be where Jatoro’s vessel crashed when he was attacked by corsairs. Next to it was a treasure trove, which Cver and I helped ourselves to one golden item and some gold pieces.

A group of humans in a skale cult charged at us. What makes these beasts so charming? Why would anyone willingly join their cult? If you make your boss mad he’ll just eat you!

We spent some time looking at two interesting statues of a woman with unusual features. It’s no doubt that these date back to the of the Primeval Kings. Thankfully, unlike many of their buildings, these statues still look very impressive and have held up against the ravages of time.

Cver and I felt good about exploring Mehtani Keys. This was the last major area I planned to explore during my stay on Istan, and who doesn’t enjoy a day at the beach alongside a good friend.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: Kodlonu Hamlet
Exits: None
Friends: Cver D.