Sep 282010

Well, the attack on Gandara to stop Varesh didn’t go so well. We had to retreat when she summoned a pack of demons. Kormir and Koss are no where to be found, and the weaker willed among us won’t stop complaining. Our objective is pretty simple: Varesh must be stopped. I can’t just go back to Istan and hide under a rock. It is time to put away all fears and move forward.

Anyhow, I met up with two Elonian adventurers: Rajas I. and Cherry T. in Yohlon Haven. They were just as excited to explore Marga Coast as I was.

On a large tree, there is a strange scrap of parchment roped around it. It depicts some sort of conflict around a tree, with some four-legged creatures. I’ve heard there are centaurs in Kourna, so maybe that has something to do with this.

Empty hammocks around where we found the parchment.

Further along, I found a large cemetery. We were not sure who was buried here. Perhaps these are casualties of war. I wonder if it’s related to that parchment we saw earlier.

It was about time we checked out the coast. This is Marga Coast after all. Plenty of corsairs, monstrous bugs and skale populated this portion of the area.

Eventually we set eyes on the Nundu Bay port town. This is a great place to get some fresh fish, but we didn’t have any time for that.

In the center of Marga Coast there is a large Kournan military fortress. We were eager to settle a score, so we headed toward it.

Just outside the fortress, we found a herd of water buffalo and their herdsman, Mehnosi. He told us that the Kournan soldiers have been demanding too much of his village’s food as of late, and that they are leaving too little for his people. He pleaded with us to protect him while he moved the herd to a safer location. Rajas and Cherry were quick to offer their assistance. I stayed behind to watch any movement outside of the fortress.

When my friends came back, we decided to storm the fortress and even the odds for the sunspears. So we made our way up to the area just outside of the fortress. With my feathered longbow in hand, I lured out a few guards. Then I caught the attention of the Acolyte of Melandru. Not to worry; this isn’t actually a fragment of the gods we were fighting. According to our Dervish friend Cherry, this is one of many “forms” a Dervish can take.
I thought it was funny that we fought a Kournan captain, which happened to take on this form. Wasn’t Varesh mumbling something about a god named Abaddon?

Inside the fortress we found a guillotine. I’m glad that we defeated them, otherwise we might be the victim of this cruel device.

Now that I didn’t have to worry about Kournan guards bothering us, we resumed exploring Marga Coast. To the west of the fortress, we found an interesting rock formation.

We couldn’t help but stop and sit on the cliffs that overlook the beach. It’s so beautiful, and helped take our minds off the war. Plus, there were no corsair ships in sight. What a great view!

Wrapping up our journey, we finally spotted Ronjok. A small village that provides the military with food. Luckily for us they turned a blind eye to our presence, because they were not happy with the Kournans. So much so, that the village elder: Jonah, pointed us sunspears to the cavern behind his village. This is a great spot to reorganize and figure out what to do with Varesh.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: Yohlon Haven, Sunspear Sanctuary, Dajkah Inlet, Nundu Bay
Exits: Arkjok Ward
Friends: Rajas I., Cherry T.