Feb 072010

The Mamnoon Lagoon is one of the more secluded areas of the Maguuma Jungle. It may seem like a peaceful and serene location at first, but you’ll quickly be ambushed by wind riders!
With me is Nox, the quick thinking and hex-happy necromancer. In our travels I’ve often seen her use some mesmer spells to combat and interrupt enemy casters! Always a wonderful addition to my party.

A thick haze hangs over the lagoon.

Nox was pretty furious that I dropped (and lost) our last summoning stone in the water.

The flora in this region of Tyria is like nothing else I’ve seen! Perhaps this has something to do with the lack of human development here.

As with other luminous oddities I have found so far, it seems to be completely integrated into the environment. It’s like the whole jungle is made of “magical-stuffs”!

What a surprise! A spirit-druid is collecting monster trophies and will give you a real physical item in exchange for it.
Nox explain to me that during a quest, the Avatar of Dwayna in Druid’s Overlook mentioned that the once human druids gave up their physical forms to “become one” with the jungle. So far my attempt to find any druids in their human form has proved fruitless, but I will continue onward!

Although the wind riders of the Mamnoon Lagoon seemed intimidating at first, my good friend Nox fought by my side and and we quickly laid waste to them!

Prized spoils: One golden item
Outposts: None
Exits: Sage Lands, Silverwood
Friends: Nox