Jan 252010

Here is something of interest: more straw huts! These have the same design as the ones found in The Black Curtain and North Kryta Province. Unlike those areas however, no skale were found nearby these huts, only Reed Stalkers were in the vicinity.
Due to the size of these huts, I’ve always suspected that animals or small monsters inhabit them, but I’ve yet to see anything go in or out of the huts.

Walking past the swampy area, we battled some Fen Trolls and then found ourselves at this archway that leads into the main area where you can find Rotscale and his mob of undead allies.

Unsure of how we would take them on, we set out to explore more of Majesty’s Rest and plot against Rotscale along the way.

On a small pier that leads out into the Sea of Sorrows (and possibly sails to Lion’s Arch), I talked with the collectors of items: Robin Neils and Isabaeux Navarre.
Most of the time, I find collectors surrounded by monsters. This doesn’t make it easy for me to trade with them at all! However these two were not found by anything vicious, and have a nice quiet area to relax in.

Two intriguing “decorations” I found. Their purpose is unknown to me, but given the area, I can assume it’s some sort of warning. The second image reminds me of a similar one found in The Black Curtain.

Ahh, the point at which Kryta transitions into the Maguuma Jungle.

It’s always very strange suddenly walking into a new region when you’re still in the same ‘area’. Majesty’s Rest is a pretty amazing location to explore!

Huge twisting vines, that integrate with the landscape.

Another sight that will soon become common when I fully explore the Maguuma Jungle later on.

Here are some natural lanterns! The gods must of had fun when they designed these.

We had waited long enough to prolong fighting Rotscale, it was time to show this bone dragon what we were made of!

Our first attempts at reaching him proved futile, his mob can spike with damage that kills us instantly. So we carefully lured out a few of the lesser undead and eliminated them first. When all that was left were two Rotting Dragons and Rotscale himself, we charged in! Knowing that Rotscale is a necromancer, I made it a priority to daze him while the rest of the party took out the lesser dragon and then they joined in to finish off the menace of Majesty’s Rest.

Prized spoils: One monk and necromancer tome
Outposts: None
Talmark Wilderness, Sage Lands
Friends: R. of Alright, Nutty, Satan the Sin, B. Embers