Jun 272010

Like Mount Qinkai, Maishang Hills is another Luxon territory that attracts Canthan visitors. The outpost where I asked my friends to wait for me: Bai Paasu Reach, is a popular tourist destination for city folk that want to visit this mountainous region. Further away at Eradon Terrace, there is a jade-smashing device made by Canthans to help with making jade more transportable. While I was thinking about all of this, my friends Xia, Vengance, and Cver showed up and we set out to begin our exploration.

Just outside of Bai Paasu Reach, there is a small village with one collector named Losi Hapatu, who desires to tame a rot wallow like the Kurzicks have.

The highest peaks in Maishang Hills touch the clouds. This looks like a good place for a monk to contemplate life.

At the western most point, you can see a portion of the Jade Sea where this area meets up with Archipelagos.

As we walked back into the green hilly areas, windmills were found.

Nearby the same windmills, there is a lovely village set into the side of a mountain. It must be very safe to live there because I don’t think the monsters can climb that high.

Hill terrain gave me a good opportunity to look down below at a village, shrine of Lyssa, and the mountains in the distance. Of course breathing in the fresh air up here was also very pleasant.

Even though this area is very peaceful, and the sound of rain pouring is relaxing we encountered Oni on our travels.

Down by the Gyala Hatchery outpost, the beautiful green hills transition into flat beaches with solid jade waves. Kappa especially love this part of the area.

A jade beacon no longer seems necessary with the Luxon’s new way of life. Even so, it is still nice to look at. I imagine that is the reason they have not dismantled it yet.

Xia, Vengance, Cver and myself didn’t mind celebrating in rain at the end of my exploration of Maishang Hills.

Prized Spoils:1 golden item
Outposts: Bai Paasu Reach, Eradon Terrace, Gyala Hatchery (outpost)
Exits: Archipelagos
Friends: Xia H.D., Vengance H., Cver D.