Mar 142012

Being part of the Tarnished Coast, Elwin and I were excited to explore the tropical paradise that is Magus Stones. It didn’t take us long to prepare inside Rata Sum and we only grabbed a few essentials before rushing outside into the monster infested wilderness. But Elwin’s happy thoughts turned sour once he caught sight of the wind riders.

With the death of the wind riders and nearby krait we finally had a moment to look around. The open skies made it easy to see the high mountains that surround Magus Stones. In contrast to the snow-tipped mountains of the Far Shiverpeaks, the Tarnished Coast’s peaks are covered in vegetation. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were other unknown monster species inhabiting these heights.

After battling some clusters of spiders and groups of krait we spotted a village beyond this canopy

At the village, we battled even more krait, which had killed the humans living there. Upon inspecting them closer I recognized the clothing as belonging to the Shining Blade. I knocked on the village doors but no one answered even though I heard some faint whispering from within. The smoke emitting from the chimneys made me believe that other Krytans were held up inside and didn’t want to talk to me because I might have bad intentions or let krait in.

East of that village there were a few boats by the coast.

All of them were unmanned and one boat had an unfamiliar symbol on its side. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Kryta, and I don’t remember seeing this one associate with the Krytans or the Shining Blade. Perhaps it could just be a decorative way to mark one’s vessel.

Heading west we eventually came across this spectacular sight. The Tarnished Coast seems to have a few instances of these floating islands, but the asura have yet to tell me how they came to be. I’m really tired of hearing the same explanations for the unknown like, “it’s magic”, “the gods did it”, or “I wouldn’t expect a bookah like you to know”.

This large waterfall on the other hand, is much easier for me to understand and appreciate. The repetitive sound of the roaring waters always soothes me, even during a heated battle.

Wrapping up our exploration, we entered a large hylek settlement. At least, I think the hylek built these huts, but I don’t have any evidence as to who or what is actually responsible. At the very least I can rule the asura out, because I couldn’t imagine one living in such a primitive house.

Elwin and I built up quite a hunger covering Magus Stones. To thank him for all the help he’s been in these newly discovered lands, I shared some truffles from Cantha before we parted ways.

Prized Spoils: 6 golden items
Outposts: Rata Sum
Exits: Alcazia Tangle, Oola’s Lab, Arachni’s Haunt
Friends: Elwin L.