Apr 152010

Erolin and I finally reached Lornar’s Pass after fully exploring Dreadnought’s Drift and Snake Dance. I expected to be tired from walking all the way here, but I felt invigorated and eager to take on whatever this area has to throw at me. While I had focused my thoughts on battle, Erolin pointed out a massive shrine to Grenth ahead of us, but expressed her opinion that we should visit it after completing our expedition.

In the distance I spotted some Dwarven houses. We could find no way to reach them, so we carried on with our exploration deeper into Lornar’s Pass.

Even though the Stone Summit want to enslave all races, the fact that Dwarves build these structures in such a harsh environment is impressive.

Because Lornar’s Pass is such a large area, there are many nice spots where you can see wide open spaces with light snow falling down.

Seeing this Yak tied up for work reminds me of how the Luxons also use large animals.

For the Stone Summit, mining is constantly going on. Their slave labor works non-stop.

Only the heartiest of animals can call the Shiverpeaks home, such as this Snow Wolf.

Just as we reached the end of Lornar’s Pass, Beacon’s Perch was within sight. According to Dwarven lore, they named this outpost after a legendary hero that “single-handedly held off the great Hill Giant invasion of 534 A.E.” That sounds like quite an impressive feat, however I cannot verify that he did it alone.

I followed Erolin back to the monument to Grenth near where we started, so that we could pray tribute to the god of Death. One might find that fact a bit strange, but if you speak ill of Grenth you are sure to meet a him a lot sooner than you’d like.

We knelt down at the statue and spoke with the Voice of Grenth to pay for a blessing. To our surprise the avatar offered to send us to the Underworld instead of just a simple blessing. I considered taking this offer, but I was tired after fully exploring three areas and didn’t want to anger my friend Erolin with more burdens.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Beacon’s Perch
Exits: Dreadnought’s Drift
Friends: Erolin