Sep 112010

On my way to the Blacktide Den outpost, I bumped into an Elonian adventurer who was just leaving the area. We chatted briefly and I learned (among other things), that I should watch out for sneak attacks by corsairs. They operate a black market here, and do not hesitate to eliminate any threat to their business. I thanked the adventurer and met up with Cver in the outpost. We brought along the essentials needed to explore Lahtenda Bog, recruited some henchmen to accompany us, and departed from the outpost and into the dark wilderness.

As we approached the tattered remains of two wagons, a group of mandragors ambushed us. These strange creatures share characteristics with insects and vicious plant monsters. My first thought was to try and harm them with fire, but it was not a weakness I could exploit. Cver and I continued to fight them with our weapons and they fell soon enough. After the battle I collected some roots from the beasts and saved them in my bag.

In the crevice of these ruins, a pale light glows. Given how dark this area is, I was not sure what the nature of the light was.

The thick wilderness can disorient even the most seasoned explorer.

I have seen a similar statue of a man holding up a globe in the outpost of Champion’s Dawn.

This must be the Tomb of Three Worthies that the adventurer I bumped into earlier mentioned. This is the final resting place of three ancient sunspears. Not wanting to upset any ghosts, because we had enough enemies already, Cver and I moved on.

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves at a corsair campsite. I tried speaking with them, even going so far to momentarily put away my bow. A captain among them tossed his net and ensnared me before I could get out of the way. With all of their attention focused on me, it must have surprised them to see Cver make his way over to their medic and plung his sword through his belly. I didn’t mean to create a distraction for my team, but this worked out nicely.

Looking at the unkept plants in Lahtenda Bog reminded me of my travels in the Maguuma Jungle.

As soon as I spotted a group of corsairs they noticed us as well and ran off. Cver and I chased them through this dark watery passage.

Yet again, the sights here remind me much of Tyria. This stripped down boat for example, reminds me of an outpost in the Crystal Desert: Thirsty River.

Moving on past the corsairs, we found the Sunspear Crypts. Again, not wanting to disturb the dead, we spent very little time here and then moved on.

We spotted a lone crocodile by a long forgotten structure. Even though I have heard stories of young children being killed by these lizards, the animal did not attack us.

Just when I had finished exploring the area, we entered into more corsair territory and found ourselves in battle again. Afterwards, Cver and I helped ourselves to some of the skale stew that they left.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: Blacktide Den
Exits: None
Friends: Cver D.