May 102010

Knowing that the exploration would not be very exhausting, I decided to wait in the outpost for several hours. Hearing that monks often meditated here I tried out meditation for myself. At the time I expected Solorian to tap me on the shoulder, I opened my eyes and found Akela D. in front of me and my expected friend beside him. I don’t like to take too many people with me when I explore Shing Jea because the limit on groups leaving the outpost. However I made an except because Ritualists are so versatile. Solorian decided to bind defensive spirits, and Akela D. would do so with angry spirits that attack our foes.

Seijun Woods is located just outside the Ran Musu Gardens outpost. Mantids can be found here, and just beyond the woods you can spot kappa.

To the north of Seijun Woods is a fortified wall. What lies behind may have been part of Minister Cho’s Estate but I am not sure.

Onghsang Island is another landmark in Kinya Province, which is mostly inhabited with kappa. Perhaps if you were to visit here with cucumbers they would not attack you.

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to wreck your ship in the shallow waters of this coastline.

Aside from a few Nagas on the beach, this looks like a great place to relax and drink a cold one.

It wasn’t long before we reached the Tengu’s camp: Aerie. Unlike the Tengu in Tyria, these are a bit more friendly. The Sensali that I fought earlier in Sunqua Vale are unlike the Angchu that reside here. Thanks to the efforts of Master Togo, us Canthans enjoy an alliance with the Angchu Tengu.

I remember seeing grim skeletal creations such as these in The Black Curtain. In both places it was nearby Tengu, the thought of which made me feel uneasy in Aerie. I know that we share a good relationship with the Angchu now, but without that there is the possibility that they would try to skin me.

I do not mean to sound untrusting of the Angchu. Over time they will surely become a bit more “civilized” and hopefully talk rather than fight. Soar Honorclaw welcomed me to her camp and pointed out that they have a merchant and a weaponsmith if I needed their services.

Akela D. asked Soar Honorclaw wether these cages were meant to hold Sensali Tengu or humans but she evaded our questions.

The assassin Panaku is said to lurk nearby but I could not find him. Perhaps he used shadow form to hide in the shade of a cherry blossom.

Exploring Kinya Province has been a breeze. So much so that I hardly had any time to converse with my friends. Every now and then we would discuss where to go next, but we were caught up taking in the sights. The beauty that can be found here made us speechless.

In this modest estate, Brother Pe Wan at the top of the stairs can be found. He is a wise monk and watches over the farmers below.

To my surprise, the peasants actually chatted with me for a while. Usually when I talk to non-adventurers they shun me.

Even though life must be somewhat boring here, the view from this rice paddy is wonderful. I wouldn’t mind having to wake up early and tend to crops so much if I had something nice to look at.

Just south of the farmers a single Yeti can be found in Tomaat Pass. Inside his cave, many bones can be found.

After we had slain the Yeti, I talked to my old teacher: Zho. She had been looking for Yetis earlier and was surprised to find out that it was so close by. Unlike Sujun, Zho is cold and calculating. She uses her expertise to track down and kill enemies. I noticed a journal poking out of her backpack on the floor, but I made sure not to look too long. If there’s anyone I don’t want to anger it’s probably her.

Lo Sha waved at me as I approached. He asked if I had any news from Mei Ling. When I did not and started to ask “how are you-“, he cut me off and scolded me for wandering out here and not honing my skills at the monastery.

Dealing with the Crimson Skull members in this camp was no problem at all. Everything had gone according to plan during this exploration, so with the extra time I brewed a pot of tea and shared it with my friends Solorian and Akela D.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items, Sulmeng’s Staff
Outposts: Ran Musu Gardens
Exits: Panjiang Peninsula
Friends: Solorian D., Akela D.