Jan 162010

Erolin and I talked to Lionguard Gariol for a while. At one point he said, “What? Is there a sign above my head that says “Talk to me?”” After a moment of awkward silence, we had a good laugh about it and carried on.

Just as in The Black Curtain and Cursed Lands, Kessex Peak has a lot of bugs. I made sure to wear enough armor to prevent most bug bites, but my friend wasn’t so lucky.
After today’s exploration, I am starting to doubt if she’ll want to come with me on any more for a while. I keep taking her to awful areas and I sense it’s putting a strain on our friendship. (It’s very hard to find a good monk, so I don’t want to upset her!)

It took a long time to get through all of Verata’s cult. Whenever I’d try to sneak in and only alert a few of them, I would be spotted and have to fall back. Normally enemies in this area are not much of a problem, but when your spellcasters are being hit with choking gas, and warriors get caught in traps, it becomes very important to target one enemy at a time. Otherwise you will find that they recover quickly enough, and you have taken far too many injuries.

Once we were at Verata with only a few cultists left, it was no problem at all.

The Wizard’s Tower: quite possibly one of the most awe-inspiring sights in all of Tyria!

This brings me back to when I first arrived in Lion’s Arch on a boat from Bejunkan Pier. One of the first quests I did was the Villainy of Galrath, which takes place in the exact spot we’re in right now! Firstwatch Sergio, asked me to ’take care’ of Galrath after he learned that the fiend was trying to uncover magical secrets at the Wizard’s Tower.

Looking back on it all, I’m not exactly sure what I was preventing Galrath from finding out. No one seems to care that Verata is in the very same spot by the tower. Surely he would have found out these supposed secrets by now!

To this day, what lies in that tower remains a mystery.

After slaying Fog Nightmares, Fen Trolls, and cultists, Erolin and I took a well deserved break on a cliff overlooking the Sea of Sorrows (formerly known as the Bay of Sirens).

Prized spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: None
Exits: The Black Curtain
Friends: Erolin