Mar 142011

Exploring the Desolation is a weird experience. No matter how closely I bond with my junundu wurm, everything here just feels alien to me. This is the home of the undead, not the living. When I was in the Nightfallen Garden, Abaddon’s influence made me feel sick and I start doubting the thoughts in my mind. The sulfurous wastes give me the same sort of feeling. It’s comforting to have two friends at my side to help me through this. The elementalists Rajas and Elwin showed up at the Remains of Sahlahja to join my group and explore Joko’s Domain. We talked to Sahlahjar the Dead while we made preparations to leave. The ghost told us of how he made a deal with Palawa Joko in the hopes to save his people, and how this plot backfired on him. Now his people are part of Joko’s undead army with their only hope of escape from him is death in battle.

A bit earlier today, I killed groups of Margonites that were stationed at Joko’s Bone Palace. For now, Varesh is our common enemy and Palawa Joko is willing to do a lot to help me get rid of her. I’m sure that after we kill her and hopefully reverse the effects of Nightfall, we’ll have to stop him. During my latest conversation with the undead lord, I noticed that Koss and Tahlkora were chatting it up. Apparently Tahlkora told Koss that she was happy for him and Melonni and wished them the best. Thats enough time to reflect on the past for now. I motioned my friends that we were done and Rajas, Elwin and myself headed out.

I found a spot that looks like a small undead settlement. It had ruins, a broken wagon, and tattered fabric for a tent.

It’s not surprising to find bones in the Desolation. However these are really big bones, like the ones I found in Dragon’s Gullet. I heard that the Crystal Desert and the Desolation used to be part of the Crystal Sea before the Exodus of the Gods. These “Giganticus Lupicus” creatures are from an even older part of history. If this was all water, how did their bones get here? Were they able to swim? Bah! I shouldn’t question Tyria’s history too much. It is difficult to find out what is 100% true, what is assumed, and what is just due to the gods themselves.

Large stony mounds, with demonic tendrils. This sort of reminds me of the mounds in Vulture Drifts, except that those had many more bones.

While battling Keht the Fierce, I noticed that he has an outcast shield. Sure it’s a bunch of bones stuck onto a shield, but this particular look is unique to the outcasts in the Jade Sea. I wondered if he is a former Luxon outcast, got the shield from an outcast, or if he just borrowed the design.

It is difficult to avoid the remnants of Palawa Joko’s army in this area. We fought many groups of undead in the sulfurous and rocky areas. Obviously, the battles are harder without our wurms, so it becomes necessary to stick to the primary targets even more. Their undead monks and paragons are very quick to resurrect their undead allies, so you must take them out first.

On a cliff, looking out into the distance, all I can see is more wasteland. I guess I can see why Palawa Joko wants to take over the world. His region looks so depressing.

Nearby, I got a good view of a large settlement from a cliff.

Further on, we found even more large bones. This time they are all mangled together. I’m starting to wonder if Palawa Joko put them here for “decoration”.

Three large skulls looking out into the sulfurous haze. I find it difficult to believe that they died in such a manner to create this display.

Near the passage to Basalt Grotto, we found a pet tamer. Jermahzeh found it odd that I didn’t have a pet to part with. I explained that they tend to get in the way of my picture taking. Hearing that none of us had pets, she stopped talking to us. Rajas wondered what she would do with the pets; take them back to Vabbi or leave them here in the Desolation to die?

At last, we made our way to the Bone Palace. Yes, it really is made out of bones. I’m sure this is the sort of place a necromancer would like to vacation. Personally, I can’t wait to be out of the Desolation and relaxing on the beach in Haiju Lagoon. I thanked my friends Elwin and Rajas for coming with me, and headed into the Bone Palace to resume my search for Varesh.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items
Outposts: Remains of Sahlahja, Bone Palace, Basalt Grotto
Exits: The Shattered Ravines
Friends: Rajas I., Elwin L.

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