May 132010

The entrance to Jaya Bluffs is tucked away in a corner of Seitun Harbor. Because of this, foreigners often miss this area (unless they are trying to enter Zen Daijun). Apparently word of my travels has reached people I’ve never met before. Morganna D. came across some writings I distributed on Tyria and sought me out. The thought of turning down more help didn’t enter my mind when I saw how excited she was to assist me. Along with Solorian, Morganna and I set out to explore Jaya Bluffs.

While all the yetis in the area attacked us, Gruut Snowfoot did not. Instead he pleaded with us to kill some Sensali Tengu and give him their scalps.

Even more yeti were found near the entrance and could be heard deep within Kaanai Caverns. Morganna commented on the chilly weather, but I hardly noticed it. After traveling through the Southern Shiverpeaks, Jaya Bluff’s weather seems “brisk”.

While Solorian and I debated on the origins of the bones inside the cavern, Morganna bowed her head in respect for the deceased.

The snow here does not get too heavy. We found several patches of grass and our movement across the snow was not strenuous at all.

I hadn’t realized that we were this high up until I saw this.

In the distance I can spot Sizhou Hall and the bridge joining it: Zuuyun Point.

Not only is it customary to pay respect at these shrines, it also brings you good luck. Conversely if you were to desecrate the shrine, you would receive bad luck.

Nearing (the frozen) Miki Lake, we found a dead Yeti leader nearby some Sensali Tengu. I’m not sure what started the hatred between these races, but I doubt it will subside any time soon.

The craftsmanship on this dragon bridge is admirable.

Something about this small village spurred a conversation between Morganna and Solorian. They recalled what led them to become ritualists. Morganna trained from a young age and grew up here, while Solorian learned the mystical arts later in life.

I imagined that the large population of Sensali Tengu would pose a problem for us and extend my time exploring here, but it was easy with the help of my friends Solorian and Morganna. With the amount of time left over, we sat on a snowy cliffside and chatted while we admired the view below.

Prized Spoils: One golden item, one elementalist tome
Outposts: Seitung Harbor
Exits: Haiju Lagoon
Friends: Solorian D., Morgana D.