Nov 042010

Unless I had seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. A centaur walked into the Sunspear Sanctuary and blackmailed us into helping him. Does it sound cruel that I think we should have just held him in a cell somewhere? It’s just one centaur! Oh well, Elwin and Loreal are going to help me explore Jahai Bluffs for now.

Soon as I left the Command Post, my eyes were drawn to this statue. Red light pulsates from it, and its deep sunken eyes seem to stare straight into your soul. It was unsettling. Apparently this is a statue to commemorate the battle between Turai Ossa and Palawa Joko. The Battle of Jahai took place a little over 200 years ago. Palawa Joko’s undead army threatened to take over all of Elona. I guess I can finally see why Varesh Ossa and her Kournan military are so keen on keeping up a big presence. Unfortunately the only danger Elona currently faces is from Varesh Ossa herself.

Not far from the Command Post, we spotted a man in a corner with some lions and lionesses. As we approached him he loudly explained that he was “THE GREAT ZEHTUKA!” How could I pass up an opportunity to speak with this guy? We scared away the beasts so that we didn’t have to harm them. He offered to show us around as gratitude for “saving” him.

Along the way, I couldn’t help but notice the transition between beige planes of the Jahai Bluffs and the red mountains of Turai’s Procession.

As Zehtuka ran across the bridge, I looked down and noticed these bones.

Just beyond the clouds, I thought I saw a large mountain. I think that my eyes are playing a trick on me. Other travelers have seen a similar peak from different areas. Surely it wouldn’t be the same size and distance from all of the places it has been seen?

Our friend Zehtuka finally stopped in front of a large fortress which protects the gates of Jahai. He gave us two Kournan coins for listening to his (unbelievable) stories. Just as I was going to ask him some questions, he darted off and shouted he had business to attend to in Vabbi. Somehow I think that business involves all the wine he can drink and yammering on about his exploits to all that will listen.

Elwin, Loreal and I stopped for a while at this small village. It was tiring running after Zehtuka, and I was pretty sure that there was a rock in my left boot the whole time. The villagers were eager to see us leave. They must have been fearing that the Kournan military would harm them for talking with sunspears.

We set our sights on the large fortress in the center of Jahai Bluffs. I heard that the Acolyte of Balthazar commands the forces here.

As we approached the fortress, I heard the chanting of a djinn. I doubt it was helping the Kournan military. When I lured it out and our party defeated it we checked on where it was hiding. To our surprise it was guarding a small treasure box. We plucked one golden item out of the box and slipped a few platinum coins in our pocket.

Our battle with the djinn was loud enough that we attracted the Acolyte of Balthazar’s attention. Elwin used his air magic to blind him, so I didn’t even have to throw dirt in his eyes! We’re really starting to get a knack for killing these guys. I’m so glad that the acolytes are not mesmers. Those are much harder to deal with.

Now that we don’t have to worry about the Kournan military breathing down our necks (for now), we enjoyed the sights a bit more. Here is another village with three shallow ponds.

Far to the east, there is a great waterfall. At the top of it, I can see some buildings in the city of Jahai. When we defeat Varesh, I can’t wait to visit it and speak with some more Kournan nobles.

Nearby the waterfall is a dock and an apartment complex carved into the side of a mountain. I wonder if this is where all of those Kournan soldiers sleep at night. There are a lot of them, so I can’t imagine they cram them all into the fortresses. The mere mention of sleep set the idea in our heads that we should go back to the Sunspear Sanctuary and rest up. Although I’m somewhat fearful of what Lonai or Koss has prepared for dinner.

Prized Spoils: 6 golden items, 2 Kournan Coins
Outposts: Command Post, Kodonur Crossroads
Exits: Arjok Ward, The Floodplains of Mahnkelon, Turai’s Procession
Friends: Elwin L., U. Loreal