Sep 162010

I met up with Rajas, an Elonian adventurer, in the fishing outpost Beknur Harbor. The buzzing sound of cicadas is very prevalent here. My new friend Rajas was accustomed to it, but I thought the noises that the bugs made were annoying. Eager to start exploring with a native of Istan, I left the harbor with my friend for the Issnur Isles.

We found some reed boats just outside of Beknur Harbor. Before coming to Istan, I did not realize how colorful such vessels could be. They are much nicer to look at than the drab Dwarven ships.

Rajas pointed out this lone statue of a sunspear, which stood over a group of flamingos and the site of buried treasure. He mentioned how proud he was to belong to that order. He said it was the most noble thing one could achieve in Elona. He despised how soulless the military is in Kourna. It has a been a long time since they have faced a serious threat, but that doesn’t stop them from devoting most of their resources to fuel their enormous army. As a young boy he made friends with a Kournan, but lost touch with him when they were 14. The call of duty severed their friendship and he has not been allowed to contact his childhood friend ever since. I didn’t realize how thick the tension was among the Istani and Kournans in Elona. The new conflict is surely going to mean the end for one of these groups, and I can only hope that we’re on the winning side.

The Issnur Isles is mostly a boggy place, but it does have some dry shelves of land. The plant life here is mostly unique to this continent.

Ensign Charehli and his band of corsairs were found at the site of an unfinished building. Even though we made short work of them, the location of the Issnur Isles means that more will show up to replace them. The corsairs seem to have no trouble finding recruits.

If you get to the edge of the shore on the northeast part of the isles, you can spot this “Mother duck and her ducklings”. I don’t know if it was intentional, but it sure is adorable.

Heading east, we found ourselves at a fishing village.

Istani commoners were eager to sell me their wares. Rajas helped me pick out some tasty treats.

Reeds are very important to the people here. It is a key material in their boats and houses.

I stopped and paid my respects at a funeral taking place at the village. Rajas informed me that the dead man had been there for some time now and three of his children were fighting over his money. The locals asked Rajas to help them settle the dispute but he couldn’t decide which one was more worthy.

With the exploration complete, I thanked my friend for helping me and said goodbye. He wasn’t ready to leave and told me I wasn’t done with the area yet. Whatever he had planned, it had better not take long. The sun was already setting and I didn’t want to be caught wading through tall reeds in the dark with corsairs and skales ready to attack me.

Thankfully my last moments here were just dancing on a flamingo boat that was docked at the village. When we got there, some of the locals were already dancing! It was nice to relax and party for a change.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items, one elite ritualist tome
Outposts: Beknur Harbor, Kodlonu Hamlet
Exits: None
Friends: Rajas I.