May 292010

Today when I checked the bounties, the names of two inquisitors were listed: Lashona and Bauer. The reward for killing these fiends is much higher than the others, and to make sure I got the job done I brought two friends along to help me. Hopefully N. Squirrel and Solorian D. are up for the challenge we’ll face. I hope that after killing these inquisitors that it won’t be long before Confessor Issiah is listed.

This scene is very familiar. Inquisitor Lashona must be serious about killing Captain Greywind this time. The Inquisitor is wanted for abusing his authority, which I can clearly see demonstrated here.

Inquisitor Lashona stated that all Ascalonians in this settlement were arrested for contributing to the death of Confessor Dorian and the high council. As they were about to arrest everyone, I spoke up. A fight commenced.

The initial foes standing by the Inquisitor were easy to cut through, but then I noticed Jade constructs killing all of the peasants. To make matters worse there was also a new kind of Mursaat foe: Jade Cloak, which casts elementalist magic and uses Spectral Agony. Killing Inquisitor Lashona put an end to his evil, but so many innocent people lost their lives! The fact that these Jade constructs were summoned here so quickly almost makes me think that they were planted here to kill everyone even if they did not resist arrest. Of course, Captain Greywind would have never come quietly. I have tried to see the reasoning behind the White Mantle’s actions but this just reinforces my belief that they don’t want to help anyone but themselves.

~ 1079 A.E.
Friends: Solorian D., N. Squirrel