Mar 312010

Icedome is a small area tucked between Talus Chute and Frozen Forest that adventurers rarely visit. In order to reach this destination, I traveled from the outpost of Ice Caves of Sorrow with my friends Bonke, Forbidden V., and B. Angela At first I wanted to go right through the Imps and Ice Golems, but Bonke persuaded me to take a quicker and easier route through some Avicara.

Upon entering Icedome, we noticed some Dwarven houses. This is likely a Stone Summit town?

One of the houses appears to be a weapon shop.

Furnaces and barricades are a sure sign of Dwarven activity in this area.

Sometimes I wish that I had bothered to learn some more languages such as Dwarven, because I would love to know what this sign says.

In one corner of Icedome I spotted this inaccessible doorway that seems to lead into Spearhead Peak.

Traveling through the Southern Shiverpeaks often makes me feel like I am back in the Crystal Desert. In both regions, I am always working against the environment to stay alive! This frozen waterfall is a reminder of that: stay still too long and the elements will claim your life.

A network of platforms for what I can assume is to transport mined goods or travel over the mountains.

It didn’t take us long at all to clear and fully explore the area, but that was to be expected since it is such a small place. My friends B. Pau, Forbidden V., and Bonke all did a splendid job helping me nonetheless.

Prized spoils: Three golden items, one elementalist tome
Outposts: None
Exits: Talus Chute, Frozen Forest
Friends: Bonke, Forbidden V., B. Angela