Apr 062010

In contrast with my journey into Frozen Forest, when I announced to my friends that I was setting up to explore Ice Floe, hardly anyone wanted to join me. Only the brave monk B. Angela volunteered to assist me in my quest to explore every corner of Tyria. Not that I can blame anyone for wanting to avoiding this area. There are rumors that aside from the masses of Ice Imps, there are also some Mursaat lurking about here as well.

After scouting the area for patrolling foes, I came back to an area where we started near for a short break. To our surprise, several Azure Shadows and their leader Frostbite rose up from the ground and assaulted us!

Moving on we encountered large groups of Ice Imps and were forced to fight them on icy patches of water. Our movement was not only hampered by the water magic hexes of the imps, but the environment as well.

Aside from a few frozen bodies of water, the landscape of Ice Floe is fairly indistinguishable as you travel.

Just the sight of Marhan’s Grotto in the distance excited us. Even though we had quite a bit more exploring to do, we crept even closer to the entry just to check out this isolated outpost. The combination of difficult foes and lack of interesting features in Ice Floe made exploring it feel more tiresome than usual.

Bringing our exploration of Ice Floe to a close, I summoned Angela to the Dwarven vessel we had spotted earlier for a better look at it. I remember seeing a few similar ones before, especially at the end of Ice Caves of Sorrow. Moments later, Angela suggested that we should retire to our Guild Hall and discuss Dwarven shipwrights there. I was hesitant to do that when we have a perfectly good example right in front of us, but when she mentioned having a chat over a hot cup of tea I caved in.

Prized spoils: Five golden items
Outposts: Thunderhead Keep, Marhan’s Grotto
Exits: Frozen Forest
Friends: B. Angela