Jun 142011

After the events of Nightfall, I returned to Cantha and enjoyed a overdue vacation. Of course, evil can only stay quiet for so long. It all started with a series of earthquakes all over Tyria that left large crevasses leading into the uncharted depths of Tyria. There we encountered dwarves. The one who seemed to lead them was Ogden and an asuran named Vekk. We couldn’t chat for long because as we entered the crevasse, we were chased by bloodthirsty beasts that Ogden called “destroyers”. Luckily Vekk took us through an “Asura Gate” and we landed safely in Boreal Station, an outpost in the Far Shiverpeaks far beyond the Northern Wall of Ascalon.

To keep the destroyers from following us, Vekk destroyed the Asura Gate in Boreal Station. Here we also met our first norn, Jora. Ogden seemed ready to attack the giant warrior, but she had no intention of fighting us, because there was “bigger prey” to hunt. Before she left our sights, we also learned that there were humans living in the Far Shiverpeaks. Boreal Station had many adventurers from around Tyra who found themselves here through some of the many crevasses that opened. I spotted my old friend U. Loreal, and a guild member Turiel L. and invited them to join me in exploration of the area outside: Ice Cliff Chasms.

The sky outside Boreal Station is beautiful, and luckily for us the snow on the ground was thin and easy to walk on at a good pace.

Further along, we found a strange building on a large frozen lake. I’m not sure who made this, but perhaps it shelters more norn or the humans that Jora spoke of.

Upon further investigation, we were confronted by Gwen and the Ebon Vanguard: a group of Ascalonian guards sent north. U. Loreal and I didn’t know Gwen, but Turiel was ecstatic. She was just a young girl who liked to collect red iris flowering during his training as a Monk in Ascalon before the Searing. She was feared to have perished during the Charr’s assault, but here she is all grown up.

Gwen told us that this was the “Eye of the North”, and just behind the main structure is a room called the Hall of Monuments, which also houses a large scrying pool. She invited us to take a look at the scrying pool when we were done with our exploration. Turiel did us a great favor, and persuaded her to accompany us for the rest of the exploration, to make it go quicker. To our delight, Gwen turned out to be quite the accomplished Mesmer. I can’t wait to learn more about her history in our travels together.

Earlier I mentioned the norn, Jora. Well now is a good time to talk about her people, they are a race of large humanoids that can turn into bears. At first they seem hot tempered and stubborn, but if you gain their trust they make for impressive allies. To gain their favor, you must best them in combat. Perhaps if I can defeat enough of these norn, I can gain enough reputation to earn their friendship and possible “assistance” against the destroyers.

Most of the Ice Cliff Chasms is just typical shiverpeak landscape, but at the north eastern corner we spotted something strange. Large jagged icy pillars, and a lizard of some sort on top of one. Out the corner of my eye I thought I saw it move, but as I stair at it, it’s perfectly still. Whether it is a statue or some sleeping beast I do not know, but I won’t stick around long enough to disturb it.

Heading westward, the snowy ground drops to a lower elevation. The transition is a bit steep, making for this nice haze that seems to hang over nothingness.

So far we’ve encountered mandragors, ice elementals, small wurms, a few vicious plants, and now the dreaded ice imps. To reach them we had to walk on the frozen lake, which slowed our movement, only to be hit by their binding water magic. The casters in our party were also hit by the water magic spell: maelstrom, which interrupts their spells. Truly an annoying foe to battle.

With the exploration complete, Gwen showed us her small garden to the west of the Eye of the North. There were even some red iris flowers growing, here, I can’t imagine all of the work she’s put in to make this patch of land blossom! Now that I’ve had a good look around here, I can’t wait to gaze into the scrying pool and see what else there is to explore up here. I thanked Turiel, Loreal and Gwen for accompanying me through the Ice Cliff Chasms before heading to the Eye of the North and warming up.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items, Bottom Right Map Piece
Outposts: Boreal Station, Eye of the North
Exits: Norrhart Domains, Battledepths
Friends: U. Loreal, Turiel L.