Mar 052011

It is finally time to meet the last prince of Vabbi, Mehtu the Wise. His palace, the Halls of Chokhin contains the largest library in all of Elona, which also houses many scholars. When my elementalist friend Elwin heard that I would be exploring this area, he was quick to offer assistance. I had a much harder time persuading Tahlkora to accompany us. She didn’t want to tell her father, Prince Mehtu about her adventures with us in fear that he would be angry at either us for endangering her life.

Outside the farming village of Mihanu Township, the road to Mehtu’s palace is populated with vicious plants. However if you’re careful where you walk, it is easy to get to the palace without enraging them. At the risk of bringing back unwanted plant life or monsters to the library, Elwin and I decided to explore this area fully before trying to check out a few books.

The rocky environment of Vabbi is relatively untouched. While I admire the work Vabbians have done to beautify their region, I think it is a shame that they are so disconnected from their wilderness. It might be hot in Elona, but it is always a pleasant experience to sit in the shade and listen to the sound of wind blowing through these stone corridors.

Groups of minotaurs and their bull trainer giants are somewhat uncommon in Vabbi. I’ve only spotted them in the Wilderness of Bahdza, Vehjin Mines and here in the Holdings of Chokhin. Sometimes when you defeat the giants, a sack of pillaged goods can be found on their corpses. I wonder why the giants want human goods so much? It is a pity that these thieving brutes are too aggressive to reason or talk to.

On the far western edge of the Holdings of Chokhin, there are strange glowing orbs of blue light that move slowly in the air. I remember seeing something similar in North Kryta Province.

Elwin and I took a break from exploring and watched the orbs of light for a while. It is such a wonderful sight to behold, and a shame that other adventurers don’t go out of their way to seek out places like this.

We headed to the Halls of Chokhin to relax after fully exploring the wilderness. Tahlkora tried to sneak off back to Mihanu Township, but I encouraged her to come with us. I found it funny that she dislikes being a princess so much. I’ve met a lot of adventurers that would love to be the child of someone rich and famous; to live a life of luxury.

I was awestruck when I saw this: a large pillar with golden text slowly flowing down like water. I’ve never seen anything like it!
Also, I had the opportunity to talk to some of the librarians about their studies. It is quite amazing, just how much work they have done!

On the other side of the library is another room with flowing text. This time it is on a roll of fabric that dances in the wind. Here, I talked to librarian Kahnu about using the library. It shouldn’t have surprised me that I needed to get on a waiting list to even apply for a library card.

Prince Mehtu was quite pleased to see us and Tahlkora in his palace. Even though Tahlkora looked a bit rough from our exploration earlier, he didn’t scold her for getting into harms way. It was a very touching scene, which made me miss my family back in Cantha.

At the north end of the palace, I found a person that I had the misfortune of helping earlier. It all started back in the Vehjin Mines, when I brought Master of Whispers with me to scout out the place. A series of quests led us to stop Margonites from recovering an ancient parchment that was feared to empower Abaddon. We couldn’t decipher the text, so we consulted Hedge Wizard Mabai. He only agreed to help us if we did his chores. Yeah that’s right… his chores! I swallowed my pride and helped kill garden pests, watered the plants, picked up leaves, and carried heavy bags of the leaves up a long flight of stairs. If that wasn’t bad enough, he led us out into the Forum Highlands. There, we fought a group of angry djinn, and get this… they granted him a wish! A wish that can only be granted every 100 years. Do you know what he wished for? It wasn’t to restore Kormir’s eyes, stop Varesh, banish Abaddon, or give us additional strength to stop Nightfall. He wished to become a prince, so that he could win Princess Leifah’s love! Even then, she rejected him!

The guards in the Halls of Chokhin had to hold me back when I met Mabai again, because after I yelled at him for all of the troubles he put us through for such a worthless wish, I lost my temper and wanted to pummel him. We were escorted out after that outburst.

Prized Spoils: 5 golden items
Outposts: Mihanu Township
Exits: Vehjin Mines
Friends: Elwin L.