Jul 102011

With the elimination of the afflicted throughout Cantha complete, a good night’s rest, and some delicious tea from Mount Qinkai, I was ready to tackle the next mission from the Ministry of Purity.

Xan Hei was a bit nicer than Initiate Tsuriai, but more demanding and always rushing me. I briefly talked with him in Xaquang Skyway before following him to the Bejunkan Pier. The Am Fah are still trying to spread the plague, and he wants me to intercept one of their couriers. Of course it was a trap, every time I was closing in on the courier, more Am Fah would appear and delay me.

Eventually we reached the courier and put an end to his shady business.

Xan Hei looked into the case the courier was smuggling and discovered plans to make a Chalice of Corruption. I’ve encountered the Am Fah and their plans to do this before, but I didn’t realize that they were fully capable of using it. I agreed to continue helping Xan Hei in the search for those able to create the chalice and kill them.

To gather more information on the Am Fah, we traveled to the Marketplace. I asked a few people about their plans, and a man named Nails was most helpful. He told us that they were looking for some extra muscle in Nahpui Quarter, and that someone named Jeijou, Shadow Whispered is the Am Fah we want to find. Just as I walked back to Xan Hei to report on my findings, we were attacked by Am Fah. During the battle I heard a loud blast behind me. It was Xan Hei unleashing a Ray of Judgement on one unfortunate Am Fah gang member.

Delighted by the new information and the smiting the Am Fah, we quickly set out to Nahpui Quarter to confront Jeijou, Shadow Whispered.

Our foes put up a good fight, but they only delayed their inevitable defeat. At the end of what I thought would be a blocked off passageway, a door was open. I remember going through here on my exploration a few years ago. It leads to the celestial portion of Nahpui Quarter that I went through once to become Closer to the Stars.

I can’t believe this portion of Nahpui Quarter is blocked off most of the time. It’s so beautiful! Although it’s hard to admire such beauty when the Am Fah are at your throat and Xan Hei is shouting commands to rush ahead.

When we confronted Jeijou, Shadow Whispered he said that a voice “blessed” him with the creation of the chalice. Perhaps Abaddon didn’t stop with just tainting Shiro and also crept into Jeijou’s mind as well.

As the fight broke out, some additional agents of the ministry showed up to lend us a hand. With Jeijou’s death, Xan Hei pressed me to keep seeking out the gangs and killing their leaders. I’m not exactly sure what else I need to do, since they cannot spread the plague now. For now I’ll follow Xan Hei and see what we can dig up.

Xan Hei was so pleased with my work against the Am Fah that he wanted to go after the Jade Brotherhood now. Sure they’re a menace, but what does this have to do with the plague? Perhaps the ministry isn’t telling me something about this operation. Whatever it is, I followed Xan Hei into the Jade Brotherhood’s stronghold in Wajjun Bazaar. We encountered Ganshu the Scribe, and from her corpse we retrieved a text which should contain the name of the Jade Brotherhood’s current leader. I handed it to Xan Hei.

After studying the text for a bit, Xan Hei discovered that the Jade Brotherhood’s current leader is named Reisen the Phoenix. He pleaded for me to kill him and bring peace to Cantha. I headed to Dragon’s Throat on my own to find him.

Walking around, I was able to overhear a few of the officers talking about recent developments. They were shaken up about the Ministry of Purity’s progress. I don’t mind eliminating the threat of the plague continuing to spread, but killing more Jade Brotherhood members just seems a bit excessive. I’m sure there is something Xan Hei isn’t telling me. This can’t just be petty revenge.

Reisen the Phoenix, the Jade Brotherhood’s leader, stood at the corner of Dragon’s Throat. A battle ensued, and when Reisen was near death he surrendered. He spoke of the texts I retrieved earlier. Not only did it contain his name, but the name of everyone in the brotherhood. He implied that Xan Hei was trying to eliminate everyone he considered evil.

I let Reisen walk away, and confronted Xan Hei about the matter. With nothing to hide, he confessed to wanting to kill everyone in the gangs of Kaineng City. I felt weary of his puritanical obsessions. If Xan Hei wants to kill the Jade Brotherhood, he can do it himself!

Just as I was turning away from him, he said I should speak with Minister Reiko and learn more about the ministry’s vision. Their masks represent the faceless will of the people they fight for, he said. He wants me to become one of their agents, and listen to what Reiko and Ashu have to say about this matter.

I’d like to think that Xan Hei is just one bad apple, so I will meet Minister Reiko and learn more about their organization. On the other hand, I have a feeling that this is about to get much uglier.