Jul 122011

Meeting with Lei Jeng, I was surprised to find out that he was an Imperial Guard. His uniform is different from all the other guards. I wonder if they submitted a form to change their uniform during the plague and only just now got it validated.

He requested help in tracking down some fire drakes that were supposed to be used for cooking the food, but burned the place down instead. This sort of mission seems beneath me, but following through with it may reveal more than just a simple case of improper use of wildlife in a restaurant.

Using Lei Jeng’s “temperature-sensing device”, my tracking services as a ranger were not needed. All we had to do was follow the sensor to the hot fire drakes. They turned out to be quite unwilling in our pursuit to capture them. Luckily after we proved to be the tougher opponent, they submitted to us.

In tracking down the fire drakes, we also found the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood in our way. I’m sure they were not using the fire drakes to warm up some food. Perhaps they learned about the Peacekeepers using drakes as pets and tried to tame these.

Near the gate to Wajjun Bazaar, we found the last drake and the two gangs fighting amongst each other for control. Lei Jeng announced that they were all under arrest, but as you can expect we had to kill all of them. The imperial guard took the fire drakes to the palace to keep them off the streets.

Next, Lei Jeng had me deal with some unruly kappa in the Undercity. He was unable to join me on this task because he got stuck filling out paperwork on the fire drake incident. So I teamed up with Oroku, an agent of the Ministry of Purity. So far Zei Ri is the only nice person from that organization I’ve met. This Oroku was smug and condescending toward the imperial guards for not getting more done.

Even after my success with killing all the afflicted in Cantha and killing the man capable of creating a chalice of corruption, the sickness persists. Oroku used a technique he learned from Reiko to cleanse the area. Reiko is the founder of the Ministry of Purity. She developed this technique by studying Zunraa on Zen Daijun.

In the Undercity we came face to face with Kai Shi Jo; an Am Fah gang member set out on destroying the Jade Brotherhood by mutating the kappa. Oroku and I killed him and his creations. Hopefully I won’t have to come back to the disgusting Undercity anytime soon. I really hate fighting in the sewers, and it’s quite expensive to give my armor a thorough cleaning.