Jun 302012

On my first trip to the Heart of the Shiverpeaks, I was tasked with recovering the Hammer of the Great Dwarf. That artifact was sealed away by the Blackpowder clan to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. In addition to the obstacles laid down by the clan, a huge seemingly invulnerable wurm named Cyndr the Mountain Heart guarded it. The powder kegs that our dwarven ally made were the key to the wurm’s demise. After placing three of them at the base of the wurm, it became defenseless and we could finally kill it.

With Cyndr’s death and a lot more free time, I took the asura gate into the Heart of the Shiverpeaks with Malory to explore the depths.

Entering into the first level, we clashed with groups of undead. There were also several traps put in place, perhaps placed by the Blackpowder clan to stop intruders.

Continuing on, we found a group of chained clerics in a shallow pool. Because they were gathered in a small area, the clerics easily out-healed the damage we did to them. Instead of wasting time trying to take them down, Malory and I agreed to move on and keep exploring.

Instinctively I drew my bowstring after catching a glimpse of these Zombie Brutes. But they just stood there at attention, and only moving slightly to see what was around them. I could feel that this was a trap somehow, but decided it was worth investigating. We walked to the end of the hall and when our presence awoke their leader, Jacado the Putrid, the brutes turned hostile. We fought back and even after Jacado was killed, the brutes continued swinging their hammers at us until we dispatched them too.

Once Malory and I passed through Jacado’s trap, we took a side path deeper into unmapped territory. We followed a trail of spores to this ancient plant creature called Erasklion the Prolific. It attacked us and we fought back, but after it died more spores appeared along the path we had taken here.

Moving on, we came across yet another mural of Abaddon.

Our journey into these depths started in the Shiverpeaks, so I was pretty surprised to bump into these Ophil heket, which are tropical creatures. Then I noticed the asura gate which links up to Bogroot Growths.

Straying from the beaten path, we’ve uncovered a lot of area and have encountered vicious plants, heket, giant insects, ooze, incubi, and now fleshreavers. I’ve only seen fleshreavers in Rragar’s Menagerie until today. Perhaps with the death of Rragar they have spread to other sections in the Depths of Tyria.

After fully exploring the first level, we met up with Budger Blackpowder and blasted our way deeper into the depths.

The next section in the Heart of the Shiverpeaks was short and only filled with skelk. All we had to do was fight our way through a few groups of them and blast through another cracked wall before we laid eyes on the passage to the final level.

Malory said he couldn’t put up with the intense heat emanating from Cyndr’s lair. But I stopped him as he was taking off his coat and insisted that the exploration wouldn’t take very long.

In hindsight, I think he was trying to impress me, but I was too focused to notice.

A large ooze known as Magmus has moved in after Cyndr the Mountain Heart was killed. I went in with my longbow to grab its attention, but when my arrow pierced its gelatinous form, an army of smaller ooze poured out of his wound.

It would have been suicide to fight all of his ooze minions at once,  so we retreated and took them out one by one. When only Magmus remained, we charged into battle and attacked it until its gelatinous body violently erupted into more smaller oozes. Finally after we had destroyed all that remained of Magmus, we cleaned the muck off our equipment before moving on.

That Hammer of the Great Dwarf I mentioned earlier was retrieved at the base of this statue. When I handed over the artifact to King Jalis, he used it to transform himself and the Deldrimor dwarves that came to fight the destroyers. After the ritual was complete, the dwarves turned into stone warriors. Our ally Ogden passed on the ritual, because as he put it “Those who undergo the rite are changed in both body AND mind.”

Malory and I paid our respects to the Great Dwarf. Now that the majority of the Deldrimor dwarves have turned to stone, I’m not sure what will happen to them in the future. It is sad to think that after their transformation, they will only live to fight the destroyers forever.

I just had to have a few minutes to look around before leaving. Because this has got to be one of the most incredible views in all of Tyria!

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: None
Exits: Battledepths, Bogroot Growths
Friends: Malory K.