Jun 042011

Deep in the Realm of Torment, in Abaddon’s Gate is a newly discovered area named “the Heart of Abaddon”. There we befriended a new ally named Razah, a being from the Mists who was bound there by Abaddon. In my haste to rescue him, I didn’t take note of our surroundings. So in this entry, I asked some friends of mine to accompany Razah and myself to fully explore it. Several days have passed, so I hope that Razah will open up a bit more to us. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be imprisoned here, but I certainly wouldn’t want to go back.

Shortly after walking into the Heart of Abaddon, Razah start talking about his time here. At the spot where we first encountered a binding guardian, he said “I spent days staring into the eyes on these walls, wondering why they were watching at me, what they were thinking, who they belonged to. Are there souls behind those waxy stares, or are they simply the facade of the tormented and soulless dead? I do not have the answer.

Following Razah deeper into the Heart of Abaddon, he guided us to the spot where the other two binding guardians were. Again, he spoke of the time spent here “These plants are fascinating, are they not? They grow throughout the realm wherever there is enough blood for them to feed. Do not touch them; one prick will lead to a painful and certain death.” I was never curious enough to touch them before, but this sort of information would have been nice to know when I entered the Realm of Torment.

Razah’s prison was a small one, and it didn’t take us long to retrace our steps. All that remained to investigate was the spot where we found him. Heading down this toothy walkway, we all had our eyes on Razah. I didn’t know how he would react once we reached the end.

To our delight, Razah found this experience to be like a weight off his shoulders. Remarking that; “Although I was bound here, I have no resentment towards this place. The soft, pulsing light that permeates the land reminds me of the Mists.” With the death of Abaddon and Mallyx, we celebrated Razah’s freedom and his new journey to discover the world outside his prison. For the moment, I will continue to teach him the restoration arts of the ritualist, to show him the value of life. His unique talent to take up the role of any adventurer should be fun to explore in the future. But I won’t push him towards a destructive path just yet!

Prized Spoils: None
Outposts: Abaddon’s Gate
Exits: None
Friends: Rajas I., U. Loreal, Kaden A.